KH300P-PH meter Paperless Recorder

KH300P-PH meter Paperless Recorder

Product description:

KH300P-PH meter Paperless Recorder

I. Introduction

PH meter paperless recorder can enter the sixteen-channel input blue screen paperless recorder, enter the standard current, standard voltage, millivolt, thermocouple alarm output, flow totalizer, temperature and pressure compensation, historical data storage, printing, and remote communication
Second, the functional characteristics
15.4 inches 320 x 240 dot-matrix TFT color image LCD high-brightness, CCFL backlight, clear picture quality, brilliant color, wide viewing angle;
2, high-speed, high-performance 32-bit ARM microprocessor, the picture response time of less than 0.2 seconds, enabling simultaneous 12-channel signal detection, recording, display and alarm;
3, using a large-capacity storage of historical data FLASH memory chips, power-down and never lost data;
4, fully isolated universal input, you can enter a variety of signals, without replacing hardware, by software configuration can be;
5, a wide range of quantities display data can be displayed five values: -9999-19999;
6, Chinese menu configuration, display engineering bit number, engineering units software locks to ensure the safety of the user configuration.;
7, alarm display, while under the direction of the lower limit, the lower limit, the upper limit for each channel, the upper limit of the alarm;
8, the use of CF cards dump and backup history data;
9, standard serial communication interface: RS-485 and RS232C;
. 10, Modbus communication protocol in addition to the company's PG2000 real-time monitoring software, also supports iFX, configuration king, MCGS and other popular professional configuration software;
11, external micro-printer, to meet the needs of the user on-site printing;
12, integrated hardware real-time clock, power-down situations to run the clock can be accurate;
13, the new switching power supply, within the range of 85VAC-265VAC operation;
14, provides transmitter + 24VDC isolated power distribution;
15, a metal shell, allowing the use in harsh environments.

Third, technical indicators
Display: 5.4 inches 320 x 240 dot-matrix TFT color image LCD high-brightness, CCFL backlight, wide viewing angle;
The basic error: ± 0.2% F.S;
Input Specifications:
KH300P series universal input range table
Input Type Range Input Type Range
Ⅱ type: 0-10mA, 0-5V-9999-19999 thermocouple type B 500-1800 ℃
Ⅲ type: 4-20mA, 1-5V-9999-19999S type -100-1600 ℃
20mV-9999-19999K type -100-1300 ℃
100mA-9999-19999E type -100-1000 ℃
RTD Cu50-50-140 ℃ J type -100-1000 ℃
Pt100-200-600 ℃ T Type -100-380 ℃
Resistance: 0-350Ω-9999-19999

Output Specifications: Distribution: eight distribution, two groups 24ADC output, the output current is 100mA / group, eight configurable contact capacity of 3A, 250VAC (resistive load) default to normally open contact;
Compensation operations: steam .. calculate steam density compensation formula based IFC67 mass flow;
General gas .. temperature, pressure compensated volumetric flow measurement standards;
Natural gas .. temperature, pressure compensating volumetric flow measurement standards;
.. Temperature compensation standards for measuring liquid volume flow or mass flow;
Compensation range: Steam: Pressure 0.1-4.5MPa
Temperature 100-500 ℃
Density 0.1-100Kg / m3
Specific enthalpy 2508-3224KJ / Kg
General gas: Pressure 0-60MPa
Temperature -100-500 ℃
Liquid: Temperature -100-500 ℃
Cumulative range: 0 to 99999999
Communications, printing: Communication interface: RS232C or RS485
Baud Rate: 12002400960057600
Print Interface: RS232C serial port directly connected to micro-printer
Recording time: Recording interval: 12510153060120240 seconds Optional.
Record length: 36 hours / pen (recording interval of 1 second) -360 days / pen (recording interval of 4 points)
Record interval 1 second 2 seconds 5 seconds 10 seconds 15 seconds 30 seconds 1 minute 2 minutes 4 minutes
Record 8M memory 36 hours 72 hours 7.5 days 22.5 days 45 days 15 days 90 days 180 days 360 days
Length 16M memory 72 hours 6 days 15 days 30 days 45 days 90 days 180 days 360 days 720 days

Data backup and dump: 64M-USB dump Optional (via our USB analysis software can export data, curve, historical memory);
Thermocouple cold junction compensation error: ± 1 ℃
Power protection: Built-in FLASH memory protection parameters and historical data, the data can be permanently stored after power failure, the integrated hardware clock, after power-down can run accurately.
Power Supply: switching power supply 85VAC-265VAC, 50Hz ± 5%
Ambient temperature: 0-50 ℃
Humidity: 0-85% RH

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