Big-screen temperature and humidity transmitter temperature and humidity sensor

Big-screen temperature and humidity transmitter temperature and humidity sensor

Product description:

Big-screen temperature and humidity transmitter temperature and humidity sensor

Physical map

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Products for the workshop warehouse room greenhouses and other environmental monitoring, can set up RS485 standard network-based RF wireless GPRS type and other type of temperature and humidity monitoring system.

product description

DW485N Department Out products using MODBUS protocol with RS485 Swiss precision temperature probe data output interface, the use of a wide range of industrial applications, to achieve long distance transmission, multi-point simultaneous detection. With the measurement accuracy, stable, long life and other characteristics. Is a network of temperature and humidity centralized monitor a good choice. DW485N-D series adds large-screen LCD display for easy real-time observation of field data.


  • Standard RS485 communication interface output, widely used in industrial fields using MODBUS protocol, other protocols can be customized
  • Full digital high-precision probe
  • Economical, general-purpose, high-precision, to meet the needs of different precision
  • It has been calibrated at the factory, without recalibration
  • Excellent long-term stability
  • Low power consumption
  • Easy installation
  • Good scalability
  • Super HMI software support, through the man-machine interface displays all the current monitoring temperature, excessive alarms, etc. There is also historical data analysis capabilities, and can print tables and curves


  • warehouse
  • laboratory
  • Factories, workshops
  • Museums, archives
  • hospital
  • Hotels, living quarters
  • Petrochemical base
  • Power plants, nuclear power plants, substations
  • Agricultural research base
  • Health and epidemic prevention stations, environmental protection department

Technical Specifications


Specific instructions

Sensor Type

Digital temperature and humidity sensor (Universal)

Measurement data


Temperature Range

-40 ℃ ~ 80 ℃

Temperature Accuracy


Temperature resolution

0.1 ℃

Humidity range

0% ~ 100% RH

Humidity Accuracy

± 4% RH (10% ~ 85%)

Humidity Resolution

1% RH

General Data


Recording interval

10s-6 小时

Communication interface


Power supply

12 ~ 24VDC

Working current



86mm * 86 mm * 28mm

Display Configuration

With a large-screen LCD



Limit Data

Storage Environment

-40 ℃ ~ 105 ℃, non-condensing

power input


The number of bus drivers can be mounted