KH3-ZB3 type cycle zero crossing trigger

KH3-ZB3 type cycle zero crossing trigger

Product description:

KH3-ZB3 type cycle zero crossing trigger

KH3-ZB3 type cycle zero crossing trigger Description

I. Overview

KH3-ZB3 type of industrial electrical heating cycle trigger is the most widely used system of SSR signal processing controller having periodic zero-crossing type (PWM duty cycle control) and cycle through the two control Zero (CYC variable cycle control) mode. Trigger synchronous phase-locked loop circuit, automatically determine the phase can be used as single-phase power regulator, phase three control, two-phase control zero trigger control. Its superior cycle control the load current zero-crossing-off is a sine wave were associated with distribution. It improves the accuracy and efficiency of regulating power supply and avoid playing hands phenomena, energy-saving effect is very obvious is mainly used in resistive load, temperature of the heating control unit, and a variety of industrial furnace .

Second, the performance characteristics

• no phase sequence requirements limit, can be used for power supply of 220V / 380V power frequency 50 / 60Hz grid.

• with various domestic and international control instrument (temperature controller), the output signal of the microcomputer direct interface.

• For resistive load, control of high precision, energy-saving effect is obvious.

• has excellent cycle through zero output control, to avoid playing hands phenomenon.

• Limit the output function (limit range 0-100%).

• Two output control mode (PWM output duty cycle, cycle CYC output control).

• 15 Seconds to electric slow start to reduce the average power cold start.

• Integrated Structure: Set the power control circuit in one digital trigger played tight structure, easy to debug, simple wiring.

• using shell fixed and slot installation, safe, reliable and convenient dust.

Third, the major technical indicators and use

Input signal: 4-20mA DC 0-5V DC 0-10V PWM input 10K potentiometer (manual adjustment)

Output Specifications: three-phase three control, two-phase control (need to tell me before the user selected companies modulation).


IN ¤ input instructions

OUT ¤ cycle period of the output indication

Power use: AC1 and AC2 access 220VAC power 3W..

Load testing: test triggers are not connected to the load current is less than 0.5A or less, SCR does not work so please load currents greater than 0.5A..

Fourth, the working methods

1. PWM and CYC selection: internal PC jumper selection control output type.

2. The output power limit: adjustable by internal potentiometer VR adjustment limit output (limit range 0-100%).

3. Load wiring: single-phase control the anti-parallel, three-phase three control delta and star connection Jieke do not take the middle, two-phase control purely resistive load.

Proportional cycle 4. PWM inputs: pulse width modulation (duty cycle) pulse, fixed two seconds, the maximum input current is allowed to 20mA.

5. The three-phase load current detection: Due SSR center is floating zero (zero crossing SSR can not be turned on), sometimes inevitably cause inverting terminal and controller power supply load current is greater than the other two phases, in the application, adjustable Symmetry or exchange heater power input phase to adjust the balance. If the center of a three-phase grounding or PWM mode, the load current balance.