E-type SCR trigger

E-type SCR trigger

Product description:

E-type SCR trigger

KH1-E-type flip-flop

KH1-E-type flip-flop Instructions

I. Overview

The introduction of foreign advanced specialized integrated circuit SCR trigger output trigger pulse with high symmetry and stability, not change with the ambient temperature, no phase sequence requirements. It can be widely used in various areas of industrial voltage and current regulation, Suitable for resistive load, inductive load, transformer primary side and a variety of rectifying devices which are mainly used in salt bath furnace, frequency induction furnace, hardening furnace, the temperature of the molten glass and a variety of industrial furnace heating control; rectifier transformer , transfer Koki, electric transformer primary side, up magnetic thrust magnetic adjustable DC motor speed control, three-phase motor soft start saving devices; nickel, iron, chromium, far infrared heating elements and molybdenum silicon rods, silicon carbide and other heating temperature control element and so on.

Second, the performance characteristics

• no phase sequence requirements limit, can be used for power supply of 110V / 220V and 380V power frequency 50 / 60Hz grid.

• with various domestic and international control instrument (temperature controller), the output signal of the microcomputer direct interface.

• Suitable for a variety of load types resistive load, inductive load, transformer primary side and the like.

• A soft-start function (start time is adjustable), to reduce the impact of interference on the power grid, so that the main circuit is more secure.

• fault alarm output.

• emergency stop function.

• temperature protection.

• Integrated Structure: Set the power, synchronous transformer, trigger control circuit, pulse transformers in one played tight structure, easy to debug, simple wiring.

• using shell fixed and slot installation, safe, reliable and convenient dust.

Third, the major technical indicators and use an input signal: 4-20mA (short E1, E2) DC 0-5V (shorted E2, E3) DC 0-10V (short E3, E4) 10K potentiometer (manually adjusted)

Output Specifications: two-phase or single-phase trigger 0-100% output.

Phase shift range: 0-180.

Trigger capacity: ≤3000A single triac.

Indicator: PWL ¤ PC board working power indicator

OFF ¤ fault indication (SCR overtemperature)

OUT ¤ SCR output indication

Power use: AC1 and AC2 access to 220V mains (please inform our custom as users need access 380V power supply voltage).

Load testing: test triggers are not connected to the load current is less than 0.5A or less, SCR does not work so please load currents greater than 0.5A..

Fourth, the abnormal state of exclusion

1, SCR can not be closed:

• Load non-collinear then the zero line or ground, otherwise it will cause SCR can not be closed and out of control.

• Use the multimeter to measure whether the body load and short-circuit.

2, SCR no output, no current:

• Panel PWL light is not on, SCR does not work, check the fuse is burning.

• Check OUT indicator light, if not light check + - if there is a signal input terminal.

• E1, E2, E3, E4 whether security control input shorted.

• OFF indicator light, stop output indicates SCR overtemperature.

3, three-phase current does not mean:

• Keep the size of an average three-phase load, such as uneven will cause the current imbalance.

Such as the application load in outstanding occasion and my company please contact technical support download detailed instructions.

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