Rapid diagnosis of diseases (veterinary) Residual Analyzers

Rapid diagnosis of diseases (veterinary) Residual Analyzers

Product description:

Rapid diagnosis of diseases (veterinary) Residual Analyzers

Model: 002

Animal disease diagnostic equipment, also known as the veterinary drug residues detector, rapid disease diagnosis (veterinary) residual analyzer, drugs (veterinary) Residual detector.

Quantitative detection of histamine, chloramphenicol, gentamicin, streptomycin, olaquindox metabolites, antimicrobial drug residues in animal tissue such as dozens of antibiotic residues, and food safety can and multifunction analysis system networking.

Instrument performance indicators:

1, the optical system

Wavelength range: 400 ~ 800nm

Interference filter: 8 hole filter wheel, factory standard 405nm, 451nm, 490nm, 630nm can install up to four filters 8 interference filters, testing needs to adapt to a variety of projects.

1.3 detection channels: 9 channel optical system, in which eight optical signal detecting light source 96 for additional monitoring of the optical path of a light source for calibration, as compensation and light source system of work.

1.4 Source: tungsten halogen lamps.

2. Technical parameters

2.1 Test range: 0 ~ 4A

2.2 Resolution 0.001A

2.3 Accuracy: ± 1% (0 ~ 2A)

2.4 Linearity error ± 0.1% (0 ~ 2A)
2.5 Repeatability ± 0.005A (0 ~ 2A)
2.6 Stability ≤0.005A / hour

2.7 Interface: RS-232 / USB, you can use the RS232 or USB interface and PC communication, and control instrumentation.

2.8 Storage: large capacity memory, it can store 6000 groups of measurement raw data

2.9 Peripherals: built-in embedded miniature thermal printer, large screen LCD display.

3. Software system functions:

3.1 has a single / dual wavelength two measurement modes, users can choose the appropriate measurement modes as required

3.2 Instrument with a qualitative and quantitative analysis function, you can output the raw absorbance reported concentration data reporting, qualitative analysis of the yin and yang of the result of the determination report.

3.3 The default configuration more common variety of antibiotics, hormones and other veterinary drug residues testing program to detect qualitative and quantitative analysis method, the user can either follow a common set ELISA analysis instrument working mode, you can select the default instrument configuration to operate, simplify the user's steps. The user can save the current settings the default settings for the project, do not re-set the next time the instrument works transferred

3.4 built to national standards as the detection of antibiotic residues result determination of reference.

4. Instrument normal working conditions

4.1 Ambient temperature: 5 ℃ ~ + 32 ℃;

4.2 Relative humidity: ≤85%;

4.3 Atmospheric pressure: 860hPa ~ 1060hPa;

4.4 away from strong electromagnetic interference sources, avoid direct exposure to bright light;

4.5 Power input: 100VAC ~ 230VAC 50Hz ± 1Hz or 60 ± 1Hz, adapt 110v and 220v two power systems.