Ansett electric chain saws electric saws home woodwork electric saws log saws high power chain saws | chain saws | logging saws

Ansett electric chain saws electric saws home woodwork electric saws log saws high power chain saws | chain saws | logging saws

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Origin: Mainland China
  • Brand: An Jieshun
  • Model: JS-405
  • Power supply: AC
  • Warranty period: 3 years
  • (With tool set) enhanced version of the chain saw standard comes standard with two guides two chains (to send tool kit)

Ansett electric chain saw features:

  • High-quality chain : Low-rebound, low-vibration chain for portable chain saws; high-performance, low-vibration right-angle chisel edge cut for high-efficiency cutting of wood.
  • High-quality guide : Smooth curves of the guide and smaller fillet diameter reduce the risk of bounce, easier to control.
  • Equipped with fuel injection system : Fuel injection lubrication system, lubricating oil lubrication time to ensure full and uniform, and holds an international design autocratic.
  • Comfortable handle , Dynamic appearance: soft plastic handle, comfortable grip; user-friendly design, dynamic and smooth.
  • Safety switch: First press the insurance button, then press the switch to start, high safety factor!


Suitable for logging, wood segmentation and related wood processing operations. Machine sawing trees and sawing wood is very good. To buy a home to parents. That parents do not have to be so tired. Oh

Remote areas do not

About automatic play The difference between oil and manual oiling:

Automatic fuel injection than the manual to the oil to facilitate the automatic injection of the machine can be sprayed out to the chain of lubrication, while the side of the fuel injection saw, a good protection of the chain, while the life of some long-term use, the only The disadvantage is that oil than manual waste of oil, not by the chain of the oil will be taken to the ground, the pro who do not think that is the oil spill, in fact, the pump in the normal work, down for many years, A damaged, you can also manually through the oil to the operation, manual oil is the oil button to complete the chain plus oil, generally 2-3 minutes or saw 5 to play around a oil, although the trouble that, but also has its benefits Whether it is automatic fuel injection or manual has its advantages and disadvantages of oil, with particular attention to the oil tank is often to look at the amount of oil on the left, there is a large amount of oil, Oil window can view, absolutely not long without oil in the dry saw, so the chain, guide plate and wood friction will produce high temperatures, the chain will be annealed. Special Recommendation: The top version has a fuel-saving switch, you can always turn off or reduce the amount of oil. Truly convenient and not wasteful.
About tool-less quick adjustment and screw adjustment Chain tightness:
Fast tool-free adjustment does not require a screwdriver and socket wrench, adjust the red light on the outside, you can adjust the chain of elastic, fast and convenient; screwdriver adjustment is to adjust the tightening of the screw in the machine more compact position , Need a screwdriver and socket wrench with the regulation, need better patience friend.Enhanced version and the top version are equipped with (tool-free quick adjuster + screw adjustment) Dual adjustment mode , Parents can seconds between seconds to achieve chain adjustment, convenient, fast, time-saving, effort.
About the switch:
The whole series is a full-handle-type switch, all electric chain saw are used to lock the key switch protection, first hold down the edge of the dot do not let go press the switch, open up after the dot can Open, in fact, is a more security, because the electric chain saw is exposed blade of the machine, the chain has a head, in case of work while the child suddenly press the switch, then the consequences would be unthinkable, so the blade on the outside We must do a good job in this country's security protection.Many pro directly press the switch at fixed, so we are here to explain
Use essentials

Q: How to use the saws the most efficient?

A: saw the end of the time with the guide plate, the machine against the meaning of the wood means that the machine is to hold steady, do not take the case of stability will be a high-speed transmission chain pulled a pull, so easy to loose and slide the chain, if the slide back on You can as long as the machine to stabilize, no matter how the saw can be, the machine arrived at wood, that is, the machine has found a support point, so the machine can hold steady, like our video, like wood, natural A little pressure on the forward pressure of about 20 cm of wood 15 seconds to be sawed down.
Q: What is the best adjustment of the chain?

A: The new chain has a stretch of the range, with several down basically stable, so just start using the regular adjustment, do not adjust too tight, will not sag on it.

Q: Is the operation safe?

A: The machine is very safe on their own, we do not have to worry about that chain out will not hurt themselves, there will not be any danger, and the chain of the bicycle out of the same, there will be no danger.
Q: Where did the sawdust come out?

A: Saw out of the right position in the machine is from the inside of the lid tightening guide out of the machine is out of the bottom, just in the operator's foot position.

Q: What is the function of the baffle on the machine?

A: The location of the baffle and then left handle in front of the saw is just cut down the tree, saw the twigs when the block fine branches, to prevent the impact of hand-touch operation.We can see if it is wood, then not, Too understand the business that the machine block wood chips, because the chip is in the bottom mouth, toward the ground.