Ansett electric chain saw chainsaw chainsaw logging saws home woodworking power electric chain saws | chain saws | logging saws

Ansett electric chain saw chainsaw chainsaw logging saws home woodworking power electric chain saws | chain saws | logging saws

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: An Jieshun
  • Model: JS-405
  • Length of warranty: 3 years
  • Color category: Pro 2 chain double guide double adjustment plus 1 chain double guide double adjustment plus 1 chain guide plate double regulating Standard Edition 1 chain guide plate adjustment

An Jieshun electric chain saw features:

  • High quality chain : Suitable for use in portable electric chain saws low rebound, low-vibration chain; High performance, low vibration angle cutting edge cuts, suitable for efficient cutting wood.
  • High quality guide : Bite-smooth curves and smaller tip diameter with rounded corners reduce the risk of rebound, making it easier to control.
  • Equipped with fuel injection system : Oil-spraying lubrication system, oil ensures uniform lubrication work full time, and holds international tyranny.
  • Comfort handle , Dynamic appearance: soft rubber handle grip and comfortable; Humanized design, dynamic fluid.
  • Safety switch: First press the safety button, and then press the switch to initiate, high safety factor!


Suitable for logging, subparagraph timber and wood processing operations. Machine tree sawing sawn wood is very good. To parents buying a home. That parents need not be so tired. End of phone orders by two established

Remote areas do not pack the mail

On the automatic The difference between oils and hand Polish:

Automatically spray oil of than manual Polish of to convenient, automatically spray oil of machine open up on can spray oil out to chain lubrication, side saw side spray oil, is good of protection chain, while article life also with have long some, only of shortcomings is oil to than manual Polish of waste some, no was chain away of oil will flow to ground, Pro-are don't errors to why is leak oil, actually is pump in normal of work, years with down Hou, automatically spray oil if damaged has, also can through manual Polish to operation, Polish is Polish buttons to manually complete the chain oil, or saw General 2-3 minutes to call around 5 above the oil, although the trouble, but it is also an advantage that can control the use of the oil well, not waste oil. Both automatic Injector and the Polish manually has its strengths and weaknesses, particular attention is to regularly check the amount of oil in the tank, there is a oil window to view, never a long time without oil in the dry saw, chain, guide friction generates heat and wood, chain of annealing. Special Recommendation: Top fuel switching, you can turn off or turn down the volume of oil. really easy and not wasted.
Convenient tool-free quick adjustment screw and adjust the chain tight:
Tool-free quick adjustment does not require a socket wrench and screwdriver, gently turn the regulator on the outside of the red, you can achieve convenient chain tight regulation, fast and easy; Screwdriver adjustment screw adjustment convenient compact machine more compact location, need to meet a socket wrench and screwdriver adjustment, requiring patience good friends.Enhanced Edition and Premium Edition has match (+ tool-free quick regulator screw adjustment) dual regulation , Close seconds between chain adjustment, easy, fast, save time, and effort.
On the switch:
Full series used of is full handles type big switch, all electric chain saw used of are is lock key protection of switch, to first press side Shang of round points don't release again to by switch, open up zhihou, round points on can release has, actually is more a security protection, for why electric chain saw is belongs to exposed blade of machine, chain Shang has knife head, if work zhiyu which child suddenly by to switch, that consequences contemplate of, so blade in outside of must do this national provides of security. Many pro-press switch does not move, so we explain here
Use points

Q: how to use the chainsaw the most efficient?

A: the end of saw with guide plate, machine against the log mean machine with confidence, with confidence, we will not be dragged chain pulled a high-speed drive, convenient and easily slipped the chain, slipped back about it. You are a machine with confidence, no matter how saws, machines against the wood, machines have found a strong point, so that the machine can hold, as well as on our videos, against the wood, a natural forward pressure back pressure, 20 cm wood was sawed off 15 seconds.
Q: chain adjustment to what is best?

A: the new chain has a stretch, basically stable after several days, so when I first started to use frequently to adjust, not adjusted too tight, not pendulous.

Q: operation safe?

Answer: the machine itself is very secure, members need not worry that the chain would hurt himself, definitely not be any danger, and bicycle chains fall out, there won't be any danger.
Q: where sawdust out?

A: the sawdust out of position in the right side of the machine, from the inside of the lid of the fastening plate, beneath the machine was out, just at the operator's feet.

Q: what does the machine fitted with baffles?

Answer: place left hand handle of the front of the bezel, is a saw to cut down trees, sawing branches while retaining gears fine branches, prevent met hands affect operation. If we cut the wood, then you can do not need to, unlike some do not understand the machine's businesses said out of wood, because of the chip is on the bottom, toward the ground.