Single-phase thyristor phase trigger module

Single-phase thyristor phase trigger module

Product description:

Single-phase thyristor phase trigger module

KH1-D single-phase thyristor phase trigger module

KH1-D single-phase thyristor phase trigger module Instructions

I. Overview

KH1-D single-phase thyristor phase trigger module is the use of a conventional phase-shift trigger current technical design upgrade phase-shift trigger has good symmetry and stability, not change with the ambient temperature, no phase sequence requirements. It It can be widely used in various fields of industrial voltage and current regulation for resistive load, inductive load, as well as regulating devices. The main application of salt bath furnace, frequency induction furnace, hardening furnace, the temperature of heating molten glass control and industrial furnaces; tune Koki, electric transformer primary side, up magnetic thrust magnetic adjustable DC motor speed control, single-phase motor soft start saving devices; nickel, iron, chromium, far infrared heating elements and silicon molybdenum rod , silicon carbide heating elements and other temperature control and so on.

Second, the performance characteristics

No phase sequence requirements limit, can be used for power supply of 110V / 220V and 380V power frequency 50 / 60Hz grid.

With various domestic and international control instrument (temperature controller), the output signal of the microcomputer direct interface.

For a variety of load types resistive load, inductive load, transformer primary side and the like.

A soft-start function, reduce the impact of interference on the power grid, so that the main circuit is more secure.

Third, the major technical indicators and use

Input signal: 4-20mA DC1-5V DC 0-5V DC 0-10V 10K potentiometer (manual adjustment) (may need to choose different models depending on control)

Output Specifications: single-phase or two-phase two-way trigger 0-100% output.

Phase shift range: 0-180.

Trigger capacity: ≤1500A single triac power usage: Use a 2W-12VAC transformer simultaneous use as a power source used when 380VAC 380V transformer voltage regulator circuit required to do synchronous power use.

Load testing: test triggers are not connected to the load current is less than 0.5A or less, SCR does not work so please load currents greater than 0.5A..

Fourth, note:

(1) phase-shift trigger can be used in 110-430VAC of power line (110V or less can be customized).

(2) 34 feet to synchronize the transformer secondary winding voltage value 12VA or 18VAC, maximum required current 40mA, power 1-2W can.

(3) a control terminal CON input DC0-5V control, GND for the power ground, SCR output 0-100% adjustable.

(4) + 5V voltage signal is supplied to the manual potentiometers, not for other purposes, the choice of potentiometer resistance in 2.2-10KΩ between JP wiring socket.

(5) The phase-shift trigger module fever itself is small, without additional cooling.

(6) shift trigger module can be triggered within 1500A SCR. Please wiring in strict accordance with the control of our company to provide installation and commissioning, if in doubt please contact our technical staff.

(7) If the load on the regulator, the regulator higher, please choose my company's closed-loop phase shift trigger.

Such as the application load in outstanding occasion and my company please contact technical support download detailed instructions.

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