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Mo Fan home textiles genuine cotton pillowcase a pair of 48 74 pillow cover cotton cotton pillowcase special

Mo Fan home textiles genuine cotton pillowcase a pair of 48 74 pillow cover cotton cotton pillowcase special
Product code: 22420600030
Unit price 3.81$
Sold quantity 644092
Available stock 13588

Product parameters:

  • Size: 48cmX74cm
  • Material: Cotton
  • Item: MFDJ-04
  • Color classification: style living pillowcase pair of Paris spring powder pillowcase a pair of rosemary pillowcases a pair of lemon love - pillowcase pair of donuts pillowcase a pair of Victoria pillowcases a pair of Roman holiday pillow a pair of love flower pillowcase a pair of Fang Fei Man Dancing pillow a pair of clouds of the lattice pillow a pair of flower chorea pillowcases a pair of dandelion pillowcases a pair of Fangfei years pregnant pillow a pair of neighbors girl pillowcase a pair of fashionable pillowcase pair of dolphin bay pillowcase a pair of sun descendants pillowcase a pair of jazz pioneer pillowcases A pair of Sophie Ge pillow a pair of Mo Xiaofan - pillowcase a pair of encounter pillow a pair of long leisurely blue pillowcase a pair of autumn leaves whisper pillow a pair of little princess thick pillowcase pair
  • Applicable to: single pillow with
  • Brand: Mo Fan
  • Product level: qualified products
  • Product bar code: 6931203288886

'★ friendship reminder ★' careless friends to carefully see the product parameters, a pair of our pillowcases Do not contain pillow! Does not apply to the student school hair pillow

Brand, bar code

product name Mo Fen home textiles cotton printing pillow sets Process Cotton twill fabric printing process lettering mouth

Quantity A pair of (pillow sets 2)
size 48 * 74cm (diameter size, the existence of measurement error) appropriate domestic standard size pillow
Fabric material 100% cotton Product grade Qualified product
standard Standard for the implementation of GB / T22843-2009
product description

Due to the reasons for cutting the fabric seat, will cause pillow Set of patterns with the physical map The difference, if the special care pillow pattern, please carefully shot.

Pillowcase for the 'on' sales, in the choice of the number of purchases please note that the unit for the 'right' Oh!

Product weight for the sample to take the weighing, due to the different possible weight of the product there is a small error, mind carefully shot!

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