Electric light beam control device -KH103

Electric light beam control device -KH103

Product description:

Electric light beam control device -KH103

Electric light beam control device -KH103

product manual:

Electric light beam control device -KH103

Our commitment to product and service as follows:

1. Quality Commitment: 2-year warranty, in the course of two years the quality of the product itself, the table will be new ones.

2. The service commitment: Customers have any difficult problems in the course, I have given full technical support, to solve your any worries, allowing you to buy rest assured that with satisfaction.

Product Description as follows:

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First, show: Percentage output of the display, PV, SV-digit display

Second, enter:

1. Input Type: Multi-input (thermocouple, RTD, standard signal)

2. Enter the sampling time: 250ms

Third, the control mode

PID + FUZZY Fuzzy Control

Fourth, the first group / second group (additional features) output type

1. relay output

2. The voltage output (SSR)

3. The linear output (4-20mA, 0-5V, 0-10V, 1-5V, 2-10V)

4. SCR output directly trigger SCR / TRIAC

5. Action type: the first group: heating / cooling

Group II: Cooling

V. alert

1. alert Points: standard configuration set alarm AL1, if more requirements, increase AL2, AL3

2. Alert mode: 20 kinds of alarm modes to choose from

3. Time Mode: Flashing Alert

Continuity alert

Delayed timing alarm

Six, General Specifications

1. The supply voltage and frequency: AC 85-265V, 50 / 60HZ

2. Working temperature: -25 ℃ --65 ℃

3. Operating humidity: 50-85% RH without condensation

Seven special applications:

1. Programmable: 2 groups of 8 or paragraph 1 group of 16 plus event outputs, each segment can set the alarm output

2. The ramp rate (RAMP) & holding temperature time (SOAK)

3. Direct trigger SCR / TRIAC SCR

The three-wire proportional motor valve control

5. The heating, cooling dual output control

6. RS-485 communication function

7. The current monitoring alarm output

8. Remote Input

9. The transmission output

10. Greenhouse Control heated humidification