Humidity control TB precision and with temperature compensation

Humidity control TB precision and with temperature compensation

Product description:

Humidity control TB precision and with temperature compensation

Upper and lower limits can be controlled with high precision and with temperature compensation and humidity control

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Humidifiers / dehumidifiers brand: other humidifiers / dehumidifiers brand appliances brand: Jun Rong
Humidifiers / dehumidifiers brand: other humidifiers / dehumidifiers brand
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JRACH606B intelligent humidity controller is Ningbo Jiangbei-Jun-electronic Technology Co., Ltd. has developed the design of a temperature and humidity measurement and display, as well as automatic control of humidity devices using the latest micro-computer chips and French Humirel company HS1101 capacitive humidity sensor, high accuracy, fast response, free to set upper and lower limits, the sensor can be more convenient to use mobile design, digital display can also be clearly visible in the evening suitable for orchid cultivation, greenhouses, farms, mushroom, hotels and hospitals, laboratories and other environmental humidity is relatively high occasions.

Each controller be calibrated humidity and low humidity environment. And with temperature compensation.

First, the technical parameters:

1, the working voltage: AC220V / 50HZ

2, the maximum load current: 5A / 220V relay Maximum contact current 10A

3, humidity control range: 10% --- 95%

4, humidity measurement range: 2% --- 99%

5, measurement accuracy: ± 3%

6, the temperature measuring range: 0 ----- 80 ℃

7, the sensor lead length: 3 m

8, temperature range: 0 ----- 80 ℃

9, use humidity range: 95% RH or less (non-condensing)

10, Size: 135X68X45mm

Second, the functional description:

1, ambient relative humidity measurement, display and control.

2, the ambient temperature measurement and display.

3. Timing off function.
Evaluation details

We believe that the facts speak, speak with the quality and precision, this paragraph products are mainly exported to Australia, for control of humidifiers, dehumidifiers, including incubation industry! Available in orchid cultivation has family and other aspects including industrial textile industry need to control the humidity! There are currently a lot of sweat steam rooms are also using our products, probe line can be lengthened! be customized contact us!
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The price of this product is the price is very good, high precision, a good humidity control that humidity probe, we probe line length with a 3 Mega convenient control can control the upper and lower limits of moisture, temperature and humidity can be simultaneously displayed alternately with timing Features!
Create professional and humidity control!