Salbutamol rapid detection card

Salbutamol rapid detection card

Product description:

Salbutamol rapid detection card

Salbutamol rapid detection card

This product is salbutamol colloidal gold rapid test card for qualitative detection in urine, meat-like, feed salbutamol residues entire testing process takes only 3-5 minutes, the sensitivity of 10ng / ml (10ppb).

(Product composition)
Salbutamol immune colloidal gold rapid detection card
Dropper (1 / bag)
Desiccant (1 / bag)

1, urine
Should be legal when dry, clean centrifuge tube or a suitable collection vessel about 50ml urine. If not detected immediately, urine samples can be stored refrigerated at 2-8 ℃ 24 hours, should be taken to avoid failure or contamination caused by corruption appears positive results Program sub-bottle packaging samples for confirmatory assay.
2, meat samples

To take away the fat tissue sample was centrifuged in a centrifuge 1min. After weighing 5.0g was homogenized in 1ml PBST buffer, whirl 1min. And then placed in 80 ℃ water bath 10min, then cool to room temperature, to be seized.
3. Feed

Feed samples stored dry. Swill sample direct detection or sung in censorship plastic / glass containers. Can not be detected samples can be stored refrigerated at 2-8 ℃ 24 hours, -20 ℃ cryopreservation one week, when frozen avoid repeated freezing and thawing .

(1) feed sample: take feed 0.5g, 1.5ml centrifuge tube mount was added PBST buffer 1ml, soak 5-10min, use a toothpick to stir twice during 3000 rpm for 5-10 minutes, the supernatant detection. .

(2) swill sample: Take swill 0.5ml 1ml extract was added and, after stirring the supernatant detection.

(Steps for usage)
1. Before testing first complete read the instructions before using the recovery test card and the sample solution to be tested to room temperature.
2. Remove the test card from the original bag, please use after opening as soon as possible within one hour.
3, the test card flat, draw the sample solution to be tested with a dropper, vertical dropping 3 drops of sample wells, after the sample starts.
4, the result should be read in the 3 to 5 minutes, other time interpretation is invalid, the judgment result according to Fig.

(The result of judgment)
The following two cases invalid

Negative (-): two purple bands appear indicates that the sample does not contain salbutamol or concentrations below detection line ..
Positive (+): T line is detected no color, it indicates that the concentration of salbutamol samples above the detection line.
Invalid: QC C line does not appear, indicating that the operation is incorrect or a test card has expired.

1, a disposable test card please use within the warranty period;
2, avoid direct sunlight and fans blowing straight detected;
3, try not to touch the test card central white membrane surface;
4. Do not mix urine dropper, to avoid cross-contamination;
5, if the urine precipitation or turbidity, please be centrifuged before testing;
6. Test encounter any problems, please contact us.