Edible identification device (handheld)

Edible identification device (handheld)

Product description:

Edible identification device (handheld)

Name: oil identification device (handheld)

Model: BG-MD053

First, the instrument principle:

Each oil esters have characteristic refractive index, when the oil ester adulterated or mixed with other oils miscellaneous esters will produce significant changes in the refractive index.

True and false identification using edible oil esters instrument to accurately measure the refractive index, can identify whether the adulterated oil, this method is a conventional method of quality and technical supervision departments identified quality oil esters, is currently the most reliable rapid screening methods for circulation supervision of oil quality (including canola oil, peanut oil, soybean oil, palm oil, cooking oil, and a variety of salad oil), in particular bulk oil quality control testing.

Second, product characteristics:

a) LCD screen direct display test results, small, portable, handheld design, no external power supply, suitable for field testing;

b) with automatic zeroing function, without using any chemical reagents;

c) digital display, high precision;

d) improve the structural design, to avoid external light interference.

Third, the technical indicators:

a) measuring range: Refractive index 1.3200-1.5284

b) Accuracy: refractive index, 0.0001

c) Accuracy: refractive index, ± 0.0003 (20 ℃)

d) Measuring time: 3 seconds

e) Measurement temperature: 0-50 ℃

f) Ambient temperature: 5-45 ℃

g) sample size: 0.3ml

h) Power supply: 2 AAA batteries

i) Dimensions: 55 (W) * 31 (D) * 109 (H) mm

j) Weight: 100 grams

Fourth, the relevant information: (part of the oil ester refractive index)

a) Palm oil: 1.458-1.460

b) peanut oil: 1.460-1.465

c) rapeseed oil: 1.465-1.469

d) Soybean Oil: 1.466-1.470

e) rapeseed salad: 1.4710-1.4755