Calorimeter supporting the thermostatic valve

Calorimeter supporting the thermostatic valve

Product description:

Calorimeter supporting the thermostatic valve

1 Scope of application
Suitable for central heating of new construction, renovation and expansion of metering and energy-saving projects and existing buildings, as well as building energy-saving heating.
Our products in the radiator to warm buildings or existing buildings energy metering renovation project, energy conservation is particularly prominent.
2 , Product features and product advantages
(1), and the cumulative record of each household heating with a hot time (this feature is optional), both the regulation of the indoor temperature, but also with the national press heat metering mode, the user independently set temperature.

(2), according to the commuting time (heating period), automatically open or close the valve, can be divided into periods, sub-mode setting temperature and control valve
(3), according to the indoor temperature automatic control valve opening, controlling the water flow, the use of artificial intelligence techniques to prevent the frequent opening and closing of the switch, set the indoor temperature than other products (thermostatic valves, thermostatic valve), more effective energy conservation.

More comfortable temperature, but also can be controlled in the same room in different indoor temperature
(4), the product features: low temperature protection (shutdown effective at room temperature to ensure the temperature below 5 ℃ automatically open the valve heating, automatically shut down more than 7 degrees Celsius); automatic switch once a week, remove scale, rust water, attempts to prevent the transfer Wait;
(5), the thermostat accumulated thermal time, the system time. (You can use 220V or battery-powered), the valve working condition.

(6), LCD display, touch screen display, arbitrary choice.

(7), the choice of high-grade fire-retardant materials, fine and smooth, all through the European CE certification

(8), you can use the product with a remote control or wireless transmission products

(9), electric valve, all-copper gear, 100,000 times switch test

(10), different from the inductive electric valve, long-term use of more reliable, distinguished radiator thermostats, more intelligent than the radiator thermostats is more conducive to a comfortable room temperature control and energy saving, and the price is equivalent to the basic import radiator thermostats, Ball pressure loss is small, the internal structure is simple, low failure rate, these are the physical natural advantage.

(11), the use of outdoor and indoor lighting natural heat, stove, electrical appliances and the body heat emitted freedom, as well as different indoor hot demand at different times , Maximum energy saving, energy-saving effect of general can reach 30% or more

(12), products supporting the use of energy-saving effect prominent calorimeter, general 1--2 years to recover the investment in equipment.