Sound Level Meter / dB meter / SPL meter

Sound Level Meter / dB meter / SPL meter

Product description:

Sound Level Meter / dB meter / SPL meter

Sound level meter can be used for noise engineering, quality control, health control and monitoring of various environmental noise, such as: volume measurement applications various occasions the works, schools, hospitals, shopping malls, theaters, offices, road traffic, family, audio.

This product is a precision instrument, measurement accuracy up to ± 2dB. In line with the International Committee of IEC651 TYPE2 and the American National Standards ANSIS1.4 TYPE2.


• wide measuring range 40--130dB (dB)
• have reacted fast / slow the rate selection
• A maximum lock function, a unique one-piece rear bracket, easy to use
• With AC analog signal output can be connected to a frequency analyzer or X-Y-axis do statistical analysis of data logger

Technical Specifications:

• LCD size: 30x50mm
• Microphone: 1/2 inch condenser microphone
• Accuracy: ± 2dB (in reference sound pressure level, 94dB @ 1kHz)
• Frequency response: 31.5Hz-8.5kHz
• Dynamic Range: 30dB
• Measuring range: 40 ~ 130dBA, 40 ~ 130dBC
• Frequency weighting: A and C properties
• Digital Display: 4-digit, resolution 0.1dB, sampling rate 2 times / sec
• Analog scale display: the moment of representatives 1dB, sampling rate 2 times / sec
• Power: 6F22 9V battery or a DC 9V 100mA DC power supply
• Operating Environment: 0-40 ℃ (32 ~ 104), 10-70% RH
• Dimensions: 235x70x30mm
• Weight: about 350g color: orange
• pack uses a fine carton packaging