Long Figure color paperless recorder

Long Figure color paperless recorder

Product description:

Long Figure color paperless recorder

Long Figure color paperless recorder, 40-way universal input, enter the standard current, standard voltage, frequency, millivolt, thermocouple, RTD and other signals. Isolated power distribution with a sensor output, relay alarm output, transmitter output, flow totalizer, temperature and pressure compensation, historical data storage, printing, and remote communication capabilities.

Second, the functional characteristics

• Imported SHARP 10.4 英寸 640 * 480 dot-matrix TFT high brightness color graphic LCD display, CCFL backlight, the picture is clear, colorful.

Wide viewing angle.

• The screen brightness can be adjusted freely;

• High-speed, high-performance 32-bit ARM microprocessor, the picture response time of less than 0.5 seconds, which can achieve 40-way signal detection, recording, display and

Call the police;

• Using the latest large scale integrated circuits, international famous factory components designed;

• 32M large capacity FLASH memory chips store historical data, power-down and never lost data;

• All isolated universal input, you can enter a variety of signals, no jumper, can be configured by software;

• Engineering quantity shows a wide range of values ​​can be displayed five values: -9999 ~ 19999;

• Support vacuum display scientific notation;

• curve display can be freely combined, a custom curve colors;

• graph paper feed mode can be set to horizontal or vertical;

• Chinese menu configuration, display engineering bit number, engineering units software locks to ensure the safety of the user configuration.;

• Built-GB secondary character (6500 characters), using the T6 Pinyin input method, enter the bit number and unit free;

• Alarm display, at the same time under the direction of the lower limit, the lower limit, the upper limit for each channel, the upper limit of the alarm can record the most recent 15 alarms.;

• Use the USB interface to transfer, storage and backup history, support 128M, 256M, 512M USB;

• Standard serial communication interface: RS-485 and RS-232C;

• 10M Ethernet standard RJ45 interface;

• Standard Modbus communication protocol. In addition to supporting the company's ScanX data management software, also supports iFIX, KING, MCGS, etc.

Popular professional configuration software, no special drivers;

• external micro-printer, support for manual printing, automatic printing, to meet the needs of the user on-site printing;

• Integrated hardware real time clock, power-down situations to run the clock can be accurate;

• The new switching power supply, within the normal range of 85VAC ~ 265VAC;

• Provide Transmitter + 24VDC isolated power distribution.

• Metal enclosure, allowing the use in harsh environments.

Large-screen digital display with digital real-time list screen bar graph historical curve curve alarm

Third, the major technical indicators

• The input signal

All isolated universal input: VX800 Series instruments allow 40 channels of different types of signals directly input channel wholly isolated, isolation voltage greater than 400V.

• output signal

Distribution: 8-way power distribution, four groups 24VDC output, the output current of 50mA / group

32 configurable relay contact output, contact capacity 3A, 250VAC (resistive load) default to normally open contact.

Up to 8 analog transmit output, 4-20mADC, load resistance (600Ω

• communications, print

Communication Interface: RS-232C, RS-485 and Ethernet RJ45

Baud Rate: 12002400960057600 (RS-232C, RS-485), 10M (Ethernet)

Print Interface: RS-232C serial micro-printer directly connected

• record time

• Accuracy

± 0.2% FS

• display method

640x480 dot matrix, high brightness, large screen, wide viewing angle 10.4-inch color graphic LCD

Display, CCFL backlight

• protection

Built-in Flash memory protection parameters and historical data can be permanently stored after the blackout.

• Power supply

Switching power supply 85VAC-265VAC, 50Hz ± 5%

• Ambient temperature


• Humidity

5-85% RH