Rafi Manny European Bed | French bed marriage bed 1.8 m | 1.5 Mi princess bed wood bed Continental furniture

Rafi Manny European Bed | French bed marriage bed 1.8 m | 1.5 Mi princess bed wood bed Continental furniture

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Are taxi can transport: No
  • Packaging volume: 1.2
  • Brand: Rafi Manny
  • Model: FA004
  • Installation instructions details: Provides simple installation tool provides installation instructions
  • Whether pre-: Yes
  • Positioning style: Artistic style type
  • Design elements: master design carved silver
  • Color Classification: Carved Frame Structure
  • Applicable Number: 2
  • Size: 1800mm * 2000mm
  • With storage space: Yes
  • Whether with soft rely on: Yes
  • Whether with fence: No
  • Whether can be customized:
  • Material: Oak
  • Process: Printing
  • Place of Origin: Guangdong
  • Style: European
  • Furniture structure: container frame structure Frame Structure
  • Can be delivered / installed: All cities Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Chongqing

Collection model Specification (m) External dimensions (LWH) (mm) Selling price


Packaging volume (approximately)
FA004 single bed
FA004 framework 1.8*2.0 2130*2090*1550 ¥2680 --
FA004 high box 1.8*2.0 2130*2090*1550 ¥3280 --
【name】 FA004 【style】 French pastoral style
[Brand] Rafi Manny 【Colour】 As shown by default, in-kind shooting
【Production cycle】 For more details, please consult customer service [Recommended] Similar View the same series of products
【Packing and shipping】 Disassembly transport carton; wooden fee required Advisory Service [Origin] Guangdong Foshan
[Shipping instructions and a six-pack range] As each city, region, the situation is different in remote areas may need to make up the difference Oh, please contact customer service
[Main material]

1. bedside Composition: high-density fiberboard / sponge, bed consists of: high-density fiberboard;
2. The German system coating process, the indicators are in line with the GB18581-2001 standard requirements, consistent with health and environmental requirements of the times.
3. The well-known brand hardware, long-term use of deformation
4. simple European furniture also known as Jane European-style furniture, European classical furniture and in fact it exists the time is the same, just the beginning of simple European furniture and European antique furniture
Walk the line is not the same, simple European furniture does not like too complicated and carved decorations, not too many ornaments of gold, silver, inlaid not so, do not take the road panache
Line, although it does not discard Continental furniture love beautiful curve characteristics. Simple European furniture only slightly dotted about important places, and other places have shown very
Simple, but better display its beauty. Unlike simple European-style furniture European classical furniture, like a high-profile advocate of nobility, there is a low-key luxury beauty,
In rustic furniture arrangement we can not ignore its faint extravagance.
5. export to Europe, the quality of nobility
6. bright silver description: lifelike carved to describe color decorative texture, color and mellow, the entire bed a beautiful decorative colors
7. crafted: Seiko secret agents carved carved, smooth high quality leather fringe arts as a fabric,
Clear lines, built-in high-density foam, convex, hard and soft in there
8. Quality leather LV: LV leather production of high quality fabrics, very fine suture focused, even strong, reflect the quality of the sewing process
9. Pull diamond technology: bedside pull drilling process even more luxurious qualities, in the light shining brilliance, even more gentle nobility foot of the bed to outline the contours of the arc, and luxury bed
Understated echoes, full of charm sense of style Art
10. The solid foot of the bed: three-dimensional modeling extends to the foot, such as layers of waves rolling, molding design powerful yet calm beauty, strength and beauty in order to achieve greater value,
Design of proportion both precise calculation, make the bed more durable Continental
11. The simple smooth arc outline the contours of European end of the bed in the middle wound graceful patterns, reveal the noble French romantic style
12. quality paint board: sheet restructuring through high pressure processing structure, good loading capacity, through the surface paint treatment, bright eye-catching
13. A high-ranked skeleton: ribs each bearing more than 50KG, the ribs made of high quality wood, fine polished smooth not rough, pasteurized skim processing, tough but not brittle

Packing details] 1. The first layer: Products;
2. Second layer: Protective layer
3. Third layer: carton;
4. Fourth layer: wooden stand (optional remote areas recommended to play at their own expense, details consult customer service).