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Rafi Manny | Smart Continental Bed | French Double Bed Marriage Bed Princess Bed Solid Wood Bed Bedroom Furniture

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Product parameters:

  • Taxis Transportable: No
  • Packing volume: 1.2
  • Brand: Rafi Manni
  • Model: FA004
  • INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS Details: The installation instructions are provided to provide a simple installation tool
  • Availability: Yes
  • Style positioning: art style
  • Design elements: master design silver foil carving
  • Color classification: Ivory carved bed tail bed + bedside table + mattress three-piece set ivory carved tail bed + bedside table * 2 piece
  • Applicable number: 2 people
  • Size: 1800mm * 2000mm
  • Yes No Storage space: Yes
  • Whether with soft: Yes
  • Whether with a guardrail: No
  • Can be customized: Yes
  • Material: Oak
  • Technology: printing
  • Origin: Guangdong Province
  • Style: European style
  • Furniture structure: frame structure
  • Delivery / Installation: All cities Beijing Shanghai Tianjin Chongqing

Style model Specifications (m) Peripheral dimensions (LWH) (mm) Selling price


Packing volume (approx.)
FA004 Single bed
FA004 frame 1.8*2.0 2130*2090*1550 ¥2680
FA004 high box 1.8*2.0 2130*2090*1550 ¥3280

FA004 three-piece frame bed
name model Description size Detailed size Counter price Gather together price volume
FA004 three sets of 1.8 meters FA004 A row of bed frame 1.8*2.0 2130*2090*1550 ¥3680 3080 m3
FB012-U Bedside cabinet *1 - 580*450*585 m3
DY018 mattress * 1 sheet 0.2 1800*2000*200 m3
FA004 three-piece sets Frame bed
FA004 three sets of 1.8 meters FA004 A row of bed frame 1.8*2.0 2130*2090*1550 ¥3680 3080 m3
FB012-U Bedside cabinet * 2 - 580*450*585 m3
Fa004 1.8 m three-piece set to upgrade the high-open box +800 yuan
'name' FA004 'style' French pastoral style
'Brand' Rafi Manny 'Colour' Default figure, in-kind shooting
'Production cycle' For details, please contact customer service 'Similar recommendations' View the same series of complementary products
'Packing and shipping' Disassembly carton transport; wooden frame fee to be consulted customer service 'Origin' Guangdong Foshan
'Freight and six package range instructions' As each city, regional conditions vary, remote areas may need to make up the difference Oh, please contact customer service
The 'master material'

1. Bed composition: high-density fiberboard / sponge, bed composition: high-density fiberboard;
2. Germany system coating process, the indicators are in line with GB18581-2001 standards, in line with human health and environmental protection requirements of the times.
3. Well-known brands of hardware, long-term use is not deformed
4. Simple European-style furniture, also known as Jane European style furniture, in fact, it exists with European classical furniture is the same time, but the beginning of simple European-style furniture and European classical furniture
Take the route is not the same, simple European-style furniture does not like the complicated carving and too many decorations, not too much gold and silver bronze, not inlaid so do not take the gorgeous style Road
Line, although it also did not discard the European-style furniture, beautiful curves of the characteristics of simple European-style furniture in only a little bit embellishment of important places, other places are very
Simple, but better to show its beauty.European style furniture is not the same as the European classical furniture, like a high-profile publicity aristocratic atmosphere, there is a low-key luxury of the United States,
In the simple structure of the furniture can not ignore it faint extravagance.
5. Export to Europe, noble quality
6. Bright description of silver: lifelike carving, to describe the decorative texture, color, rounded, decorated for the entire bed a beautiful color
7. crafted: Seiko carvings of the carvings, smooth stripes superior quality leather arts as a fabric,
Clear lines, built-in high-density sponge, convex-induced, soft and hard degrees
8. High-quality LV leather: high quality LV fabric production, stitching is very fine focus, uniform strong, the quality of the embodiment of sewing process
9. pull drilling process: the bedside drilling process is more luxurious temperament, in the light bright brilliance, even more noble atmosphere Bed tail to the outline of a soft arc outline, and the bed of luxury
Low-key echoes, full of charm and sense of style art
10 solid bed feet: three-dimensional modeling extends to the foot of the bed, such as spray-like layers of rolling, modeling design steady and powerful beauty, in order to achieve greater strength and beauty,
Design ratio without exception, after careful calculation, so that more durable European-style bed
11. smooth arc outline simple outline, European-style bed tail winding Miaoman pattern, revealing the French romantic noble style
12 high-quality paint board: plate after high-pressure reorganization structure handling, load-bearing capacity, the surface after painting treatment, bright eye-catching
13. Quality ribs frame: each ribs bearing more than 50KG, ribs made of high quality solid wood, fine polished smooth is not rough, high temperature sterilization degreasing treatment, tough but not brittle

'Packing Details' 1. The first layer: products;
2. The second layer: protective layer
3. The third layer: carton;
4. The fourth layer: wooden (optional, remote areas recommended to play, at their own expense, the details of consultation with customer service).