Pherson | Modern minimalist rectangular crystal led ceiling lighting romantic bedroom living room remote control 2017

Pherson | Modern minimalist rectangular crystal led ceiling lighting romantic bedroom living room remote control 2017

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Ceiling Type: Crystal Ceiling
  • Shade auxiliary material: PMMA high transmittance lampshade
  • Light Body auxiliary material: Crystal
  • Brand: McPherson lighting
  • Model: 2017
  • Light Body main material: Crystal
  • Color Classification: 60 * 60LED + amber crystal 70 * 48LED + amber crystal 70 * 48LED + clear crystal 72 * 72LED + amber crystal 97 * 69LED + clear crystal 97 * 69LED + amber crystal 36 * 36LED + clear crystal 50 * 50LED + clear crystal 36 * 36LED + amber crystal 60 * 60LED + clear crystal 72 * 72LED + clear crystal 60 * 60 Promise dimming color clear crystal 72 * 72 Promise dimming color clear crystal 50 * 50 Promise dimming color clear crystal 50 * 50LED + amber crystal 50 * 50 Promise dimming tone crystal amber color 70 * 48 Promise dimming amber crystal color 60 * 60 Promise dimming amber crystal color 70 * 48 Promise dimming transparent crystal color 72 * 72 Promise dimming amber crystal color 97 * 69 Promise dimming tone 97 * 69 color amber crystal color transparent crystal stepless dimming
  • Shade main material: PMMA high transmittance lampshade
  • Light type: LED
  • Process: Other / other
  • The number of light sources: 1
  • Irradiated area: 15 square meters-30 m
  • Whether lamps with light source: take light source
  • Voltage: 220V
  • Power: 5W and below
  • Application of space: Living room dining kitchen den bedroom bathroom other / other small bedroom balcony aisle small living room
  • Style: Simple Modern
  • Shade Shape: Rectangle

Apple upgraded version of Crystal Light
McPherson says lighting designer: slim design, suitable for all floors, inspired by the iPhone 6, than the regular version upgrade border crystal mosaic, crystal fine grinding, water jet cutting, and more through the sand, pickling, grinding, etc. 20 processing procedures after the formation of a small piece of crystal, it is very atmospheric lighting on the grade, very bright, the brightness is 3-4 times the energy-saving lamp brightness, color Promise thermostat LED version is equipped with a dedicated remote control, remote control can control 4 groups of luminaires, . adjustable light color like very durable, normal use 5--10 years with no problems.

Winning points:
one, Select more than one size, ultra-thin light body , Meet the needs of low-floor home, but also For a variety of scenarios, living room, bedroom, study, dining room ...... can be applied, very good match.
two, Import LED chip, good light efficiency, light transmittance of 95% or more , Energy saving, light levels three times the energy-saving lamps, less than one third of the electricity saving lamp life of up to 10 years, long-lasting and durable.
Third, the use of domestic high-quality crystal K9 crystal, dazzling, and there are crystal and amber crystal clear choice. Crystal all with four wire bolted, locked in place at the port to ensure that the crystal does not wobble.
four, Lamps with PMMA high transmittance lampshade , Does not contain methanol, benzene contamination, hard scraping the inner surface of the long-term use does not fade.

One stereolithography , There is no split, to prevent mosquitoes from entering the Just install the ceiling plate can buy back Makes installation easier, more stable structure, not easily deformed.

{What is the Promise dimming color LED?}

Promise dimmer dimmer color LED, Promise, by definition, no limit! Not only can adjust the light color, but also non-polar adjust brightness, brightness levels can be adjusted! Also with a night light function, convenient to get up at night, not dazzling!! .

{Promise tints how light LED lights?}
Any light color white and warm light between any luminosity seamless summer white light, warm light winter use, read books and newspapers use the middle section neutral light really practical.
Whether lamps with remote control {?}
The factory would send special remote control!
{} How to turn on the lights
Promise dimming LED color version can be used with the factory remote control brightness and color temperature to achieve a variety of lighting effects transform, only the walls of the opening of the original control after power switch lights.

McPherson lighting a little expensive, but reliable, worth having!

The cheapest led lamps do not we pursue, we Tireless pursuit of excellence in quality and advanced technology~

McPherson lighting is positioned to create sleek, new fashion high-end LED lighting products, to provide you with unique simple home solution!