Effort | 304 stainless steel sinks | Dual Chamber | kitchen vegetables basin sink | thicker steel basin | one piece

Effort | 304 stainless steel sinks | Dual Chamber | kitchen vegetables basin sink | thicker steel basin | one piece

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: effort
  • Model: 7842
  • Supporting comes with: With other accessories with drain basket with soap dispenser with tap
  • Color Classification: Luxury foundation 7138 without tap luxurious base 7540 without tap luxurious base 7842 without tap luxurious base 8143 without tap deluxe 71 * 38 with A leading luxury 75 * 40 with A leading luxury 78 * 42 with A leading luxury 81 * 43 with A leading luxury 71 * 38 with B leading luxury 75 * 40 with B leading luxury 78 * 42 with B leading luxury 81 * 43 with B leading luxury 71 * 38 with C leading luxury 75 * 40 with C leading luxury 78 * 42 with C leader luxury 81 * 43 * 78 luxury faucet with C 42 C leading luxury turret tool rest 81 * 43 * 38 71 C leading luxury faucet luxury with D 75 * 40 * 78 luxury faucet with D 42 D with leading luxury 81 * 43 with D leading luxury turret 78 * 42 * 43 81 D leading luxury faucet toolholder D
  • Slots: 2
  • City services: city logistics delivery
  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Size: 750mmx400mmx190mm 780mmx420mm

1. Other businesses 50 years warranty 70 years warranty you a few years?

Industry and Commerce of bathroom hardware industry standard warranty is 5 years, so you go to any regular company Lynx opened shop, all will tell you that 5-year warranty (pro can find some companies a formal inquiry a), heart, and other any history of several decades of production companies and manufacturers, are 5-year warranty, but in fact with a few decades are not the problem, but dare to promise warranty for decades, are some of the trademarks that are just registration of shell companies, the company boasted a hundred years of history, the real history of only a few months, even if they are punished for Industry and Commerce, which is the loss of a registered trademark, a few thousand dollars of things, it is not credible.

2.201 stainless steel and 304 stainless steel What is the difference?

The difference between 201 and 304 stainless steel are: 201 stainless steel containing a low nickel content, typically 3-5%, 304 stainless steel, nickel-containing more than 8%, thus 304 201 more corrosion resistant than stainless steel.

3. How to determine the material, any difference between the 201 and 304 stainless steel?

1. pro, if you purchase a 304 stainless steel sink, to the customer request test potion, or described in a note buyers.

There are stenciled above 2.304 stainless steel, 201 stainless steel top is not.

3. visually identified, 304 stainless steel surfaces in general than white, look at the back of the sink by color discrimination, because the front after drawing or pearl yarn processing, can not be effectively distinguished.

4. What is the thickness of the sink?

Thickness before stretching is 1.3mm, after stretching, becomes thin, approximately 0.8mm thickness after molding, other businesses sink, there is partially drawn after only 0.5mm thickness, such as home without vernier caliper, you can hand weigh comparison we sink under the weight of comparison and other home sink, can have a very clear and intuitive feeling that we sink to the bare groove weight of about 0.5kg to 1kg.