Becket kitchen faucet | Farm sink faucet | cold sink faucet | Full copper faucet body rotatable

Becket kitchen faucet | Farm sink faucet | cold sink faucet | Full copper faucet body rotatable

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Kitchen faucet brand: BAYKA / Becket
  • Model: 65020-2
  • Color Classification: Mini models deserve hose [] Grand Bend mini mini subsection shall not deserve hose with 60cm hose F section [copper] [copper unworthy hose paragraph F] A hose with a 60cm section [copper] unworthy hose A section [copper] Patent with 60cm hose section [copper] [copper unworthy hose patent models with 60cm hose]
  • Faucet whether the rotation: rotatable
  • Style: Single hole
  • Spool type: ceramic valve core

>>> Buyer question:

1. Other businesses 50 years warranty 70 years warranty you a few years?

Answer: Industry and Commerce of bathroom hardware industry standard warranty is 5 years, so you go to any regular company Lynx opened shop, all will tell you that 5-year warranty (pro can find some companies a formal inquiry a), Tony Kay and any other history of several decades of production companies and manufacturers, are 5-year warranty, but dare to promise warranty for decades, are all registered trademarks of those are just shell companies, boasting the company's history for centuries, the actual history only a few months, even if they are punished for Industry and Commerce, which is the loss of a registered trademark, a few thousand dollars of things, can not be trusted.

2. The faucet valve is what material?

Answer: We use the spool is Becket original ceramic valve core, switch can be maintained long-term use, because the domestic water quality in some areas and other reasons to consider our warranty is 5 years.

3. The hose is what material?

Answer: We use the hose Becket original brand hose inner tube using EPDM inner tube, no burst of high-quality material, so ease of use.

4. The hose is how to install?

Answer: two inlet hose faucet hole structure is used in a different, smaller head thread M10 * 1 direct hand clockwise screwed into the bottom of the water inlet tap and then tighten, bigger four nuts Get with yellow plastic wrench to tighten the angle valve. Detailed installation steps can refer to the right of the navigation installation instructions >>>>

5. Leading various styles of difference?

Answer: Based on the demand for pro, we specially design various styles of leading, by contrast, patent models leading fashion modeling, product weight, details of the deal than other models [take leading car analogy: Patent paragraph top with the equivalent model with other models in the model is equivalent to] both quality and security, but still better than the other models patent models, a penny stock pro certainly understand this truth.

6. faucet hole and two-hole faucet difference?

Answer: single and double holes refers to the number of mounting holes on the faucet at the basin or sink faucet installation, the link is leading our single hole faucet mounting hole is a hole in the diameter range of 32-40mm this is a faucet that can be installed.

7. This is a hot and cold tap it?

Answer: Yes, if the pro-buy is a link without hose, remember two inlet hose faucet is required, in order to ensure the quality of the installation and avoid trouble, or once again strongly recommended that parents who choose to use our original Becket factory brand hose options optional faucet contains hose, is supporting the sale of ex-factory price.

8. With regard to gifts

Answer: There is divided into gift buy one get six and buy one get four: [Buy faucet with hose option is to buy one get six: Hose wrench * 2 * 2 + gloves + bubbler * 1 + 1] * raw material belt, [Buy without a hose leading option is to buy one get four: Gloves bubbler * * 2 + 1 + 1 with raw material *】, It is strongly recommended that parents who again Later leading option with hose, Avoid trouble to ensure quality.