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Car jack | car with hand-cranked jacks car tools | 2t scissors car jack joystick

Car jack | car with hand-cranked jacks car tools | 2t scissors car jack joystick
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Product parameters:

  • Power type: manual machinery
  • Brand: legislation card
  • Color classification: 1.5 tons jack ST-104S 2 tons jack ST-112SA

The pro
Jack is new, after receiving the jack at both ends of the screw to add parts of the screw oil, add a good will be very effort, and will be better use Oh! Before using the jack, please use the tire pad or pad wood fixed Other tires. To prevent the vehicle from rising during the tilt, to ensure safety
'Brand' legislation card
'Name' 1.5 tons of scissors jack
'Model' ST-104S
'From the weight' 1.5TON (1.5 tons)
'Minimum height' 115mm
'Highest height' 355mm
'Material' high quality steel
'Specification' jack × 1 rocker × 1
'Weight' 1.85kg (without packing)
'Origin' Foshan, Guangdong
'product description'
1. This product is used to change the movement of the joystick into the movement of the arm, which has the characteristics of compact structure, convenient operation, safe use, very labor saving and so on. Therefore, it is widely used in car, light car and other car Essential tools!
2. Can be carried by car, small and convenient. In particular, often travel, travel, take the long-distance car essential things encountered in the need for tires or tires, you can always use. Easy to operate. Under the roof can be.
3. This manual jack material for the steel, regardless of strength or fastness, other materials can not be compared and beyond. And simple, cheap, worth preparing one.
1, before lifting the vehicle docked in the level of hard road, pull the hand brake and block the wheel, and with a tires or mats fixed other tires, open the dangerous warning signs.
2, blocking the replacement of the tire diagonally opposite the wheel, loosen the nuts to replace the wheel, but do not unscrew!
3, rocker into the shaft, clockwise rotation to make the jack to meet the height (about the height of the vehicle chassis).
4, the jack placed in the car factory under the roof of the lifting point, continue to turn the handle clockwise to jack jack and jack up contact, check the contact is safe and reliable!
5, then, turn the joystick to lift the vehicle to the appropriate height, replace the tire, preload the nut.
★ Note: In the jack to support the vehicle, is strictly prohibited into the car at the end of the operation must be used to support the safety bracket before entering the car at the end of the operation.
★ Note: jack should not overload use!
★ Note: To ensure the normal use of the jack, please keep the jack thread cleaning and lubrication.