Licensing legislation car jack | car hand-cranked Automotive Tools | trolley car with a car jack 1t2t

Licensing legislation car jack | car hand-cranked Automotive Tools | trolley car with a car jack 1t2t

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Power Type: Manual mechanical
  • Brand: licensing legislation
  • Color classification: [package] jack ST-104S + tire wrench ST-604B [single product] jack ST-104S

Before using the jack, be sure to use the tire skids fixed support pad or other tire to prevent the vehicle during ascent caused by tilting jack crooked ensure safety!!!

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You pro:
Jack is new, after receiving the ends of the thread jack remember the rotating part add lubricating oil, add after will be very good effort, and would be better with Oh! Before using the jack, use a tire support pads or skids fixed other tires to prevent vehicle during ascent tilted to ensure safety
[Brand] licensing legislation
[Name] 1.5 t scissor jacks
[Model] ST-104S
Weight [from] 1.5TON (1.5 tons)
[] Minimum height 115mm
[] The maximum height of 355mm
[Material] high-quality steel
[Specification] jack × 1 × 1 rocker
【Weight】 1.85kg (without packaging)
[Origin], Guangdong Foshan
【product description】
1. This product manual by the rotational movement into a lifting movement of the rocker arm which, with a compact, easy to operate, safe to use, very labor-saving, and other characteristics, it is widely used in cars, light trucks and other vehicles of the vehicle an indispensable tool!
2. Can onboard, small and convenient, especially frequent business trips, tourism, long-distance car to go the essential thing. Encountered situation need to change tires or tires up, you can always use the simple and convenient operation. As long as a few hand you can play under the roof.
3. This manual jack is made of steel, regardless of strength or fastness, is unmatched by other materials and beyond. And simple operation, cheap, worth prepare one.
1, the first before lifting the vehicle parked on a level hard surface, pull the parking brake and block the wheels, and tire support pads or other tire skids fixed, open danger warning signs.
2, block the wheel diagonally opposite the tire replacement, replacement of wheel nut loosen, but do not unscrew!
3, set into the rocker shaft, clockwise rotation to allow the jack to achieve suitable height (about the height of the vehicle chassis).
4, the jack into the car factory specified parts of lifting, to continue to make the jack handle clockwise and lifting the saddle portion contacting the contact to check if it is safe and reliable!
5, and then, rotating the joystick to the right height raised to the top of the vehicle, replacement tires, preload nut.
★ Note:! When using the jack to support the vehicle, is prohibited from entering the vehicle must use safety stands to support job after job before entering the vehicle.
★ Note: Jacks avoid overload to use!
★ NOTE: To ensure proper use of the jack, jack screw Please keep clean and lubricated.