Xinghua TC-90 Underground metal detectors, detector, exploration of iron, gold exploration revealer, factory direct

Xinghua TC-90 Underground metal detectors, detector, exploration of iron, gold exploration revealer, factory direct

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: Xinghua
  • Model: TC-90

TC-90-type metal detectors is the application of advanced technology to produce the product, the instrument is designed deliberately refinement, using high quality imported components. It probing depth, positioning accuracy, resolution and strong, easy to operate, with new age technology style.

When using the old test metal detectors, the most annoying problem is the impact of the ground. As the distance between the probe and ground equipment changes also followed changes in the signal, if the probe sweep uneven ground, the change is even greater the operator seemed everywhere to hear the sound signals, figure out where the real buried metal. this phenomenon is called "mineralization reaction '.

Cause 'mineralization reaction "of the reason is due to a variety of mineral soil constitute the instrument sends a signal in the soil structure complicated place" mineralization reaction "very strong signal that it caused even greater than the metal signal, then the operation staff is difficult to judge where a signal is buried in the end of metal or "mineralization reaction '. TC-90 instrument features a balanced line, can eliminate the influence of all" mineralization reaction', and only when the metal probe encountered only signals, thus greatly improving the probing depth and accuracy.

User Information : The company is a regular series of detector products, a pragmatic attitude to the customer is responsible, not like some businesses boast of their products up to 5-10 m or even deeper.

Note: This product uses the voice alarm and instrumentation, probe depth probe with the metal by area, shape, weight, they have a great relationship.

Any product has a standard, the product marked maximum depth, refers to the results by enterprise standard products with a 60 × 60 × 1 (cm) of aluminum sulfate buried in the soil of the measured (Executive Standard: Q / XHT 001 -2015).

So: pro Please note that not all the size of the metal object would reach a maximum depth that is: the larger the area measured metal objects, the greater the number, the greater the corresponding probing depth; on the contrary, the smaller the area, the fewer the number, the smaller the corresponding depth. In addition, the position of the detected soil moisture, density, or surrounded by signal interference and then balance adjustment does not affect their depth.

Standard: Host + + exploration site a hand wand bays + two + power + manual + warranty card terminal (+ send backpack bags + Poker)

special reminder: If you need to charge the battery, please contact customer service make up the difference later, the machine when purchased together and make up 50Yuan, if a single buy 80Yuan! You can buy your own unless you need AA batteries (6) use or own with 7-9V battery can also be used!

friendly reminder: TC-90 is now standard probe type disc diameter is 30 cm, such as the need to redeem small plate diameter of 20 cm Pro please contact customer service replacement, Another sale of anti-interference function, we need to pro-please contact customer service make up the difference later!

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