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Guilin Xinghua TM88 underground metal detectors, treasure explorer, gold and silver exploration, factory outlets

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  • Brand: Hing Wah
  • Model: TM88

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User Information : The Company series of detectors for the regular products, in a pragmatic attitude for the customer is responsible, not like some businesses boast of their products up to 5 to 10 meters or even deeper.
Note: This product uses the sound alarm and instrument display, the depth of exploration with the exploration of metal area, shape, weight has a great relationship.

Any product has a standard, this product marked the maximum depth of detection 3.5 meters Refers to the results measured by embedding a 60 × 60 × 1 (cm) aluminum plate into the dry soil according to the enterprise standard of the product (standard: Q / XHT 001-2016).

So: you pro please note that not all sizes of metal objects can be probed to the maximum depth. Namely: the greater the area of ​​the measured metal items, the greater the number, the corresponding depth of the greater detection; the other hand, the smaller the area, The less the number, the smaller the corresponding depth.In addition, the detected location of the soil moisture, density, or the surrounding signal interference and the adjustment of the balance will not affect the depth of the time.
Standard: Host + probe + 2 + hand bracket + A battery box + probe two + power wiring + manual + warranty card
give away: Backpack + headset + lithium battery + T-shirt + operating CD + green bags + poker

TM88 metal detector with high-power launch, automatic tracking system, it has sufficient depth and accurate detection of the ability to identify, is a professional-type ultra-deep probe, especially for the detection of deep formation operations.

Metal buried in the ground, we through the thick soil to detect, must be affected by the geological structure of the formation contains a variety of minerals, they also make the metal detector signal, some minerals will cover the signal With the probe sweeping the uneven ground, the signal also followed changes in the probe near the mound, stones, bricks will be issued an alarm sound, This phenomenon is known as the 'mineralization reaction'. For this reason, the old test metal detector can only detect the metal in shallow soil, the buried metal target is powerless. TM88-type instrument equipped with advanced Ground balancing system, which only stroboscopic metal signals, excluding the 'mineralization reaction' interference, greatly improving the detection depth of the instrument.

TM88-type instrument with a 'high and low with' design, the size of the probe is equipped with two random, in general, for example, indoors or soil conditions are more complicated place, connected to a small probe for conventional detection routine detection of stable, Accurate, anti-interference ability. In special circumstances, such as the field in the field of homogeneous soil, looking for the target and buried very deep, can be connected to the probe to deepen the probe to enhance the detection equipment has the best wear Through the force, but susceptible to clutter interference.

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