Guilin Hua TM88 Underground metal detectors, Revealer, exploration of gold and silver mine, factory direct

Guilin Hua TM88 Underground metal detectors, Revealer, exploration of gold and silver mine, factory direct

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: Xinghua
  • Model: TM88

User Information : The company is a regular series of detector products, a pragmatic attitude to the customer is responsible, not like some businesses boast of their products up to 5-10 m or even deeper.
Note: This product uses the voice alarm and instrumentation, probe depth probe with the metal by area, shape, weight, they have a great relationship.

Any product has a standard, the product marked maximum depth 3.5 m , It is defined as the enterprise standard products with a 60 × 60 × 1 (cm)Results of aluminum sulfate buried in the soil of the measured (Executive Standard: Q / XHT 001-2015).

So: pro Please note that not all the size of the metal object would reach a maximum depth that is: the larger the area measured metal objects, the greater the number, the greater the corresponding probing depth; on the contrary, the smaller the area, the fewer the number, the smaller the corresponding depth. in addition, the position of the detected soil moisture, density, or surrounded by signal interference and then balance adjustment does not affect their depth.
Standard: Exploration site host + 2 + B + Hand bay battery box + probe + two power supply wiring + manual + warranty card (+ headphones + send backpack bags + Poker)

TM88 metal detector with high-power launch, automatic tracking system, it has enough depth and accurate identification ability, professional-type ultra-deep probe, especially suitable for the detection of deep ground operations.

Metal buried in the ground, we go through thick soil probe is bound to be affected by the geological structure. Formation contains a variety of minerals, they also make a metal detector to generate a signal, the signal will cover some minerals out of metal caused by false signal. old test used metal has such experience, as the probe sweep uneven ground, the signal also followed changes in the probe near the mound, stones, bricks will sound an alarm, this phenomenon is called "mineralization reaction '. for this reason, the old metal detector test can only detect metal in the shallow soil, buried deep underground metal target is powerless. TM88 type apparatus equipped with advanced balance system, metal only strobe signal and eliminate interference 'mineralization reaction ", greatly improving the detection apparatus depth.

TM88-type instrument uses 'high and low' design, random with a probe size of the two, under normal circumstances, such as soil conditions indoors or more complex place, connected to a small probe for conventional detection when conventional detection work stability, resolution accurately, anti-interference ability of soil. in special circumstances, such as in the field of soil uniform lots, looking for targets buried very deep, it can be connected to a large probe deeper probing, probing deeper when the instrument has the best wear through force but vulnerable to clutter interference.

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