12V battery car battery pulse three-stage smart charger 6A high current PWM maintenance-free charger

12V battery car battery pulse three-stage smart charger 6A high current PWM maintenance-free charger

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: 10000 good
  • Model: 12V-6A
  • Suitable for: lighting

Digital display: clear bright beautiful and practical

'Model': 12V 6A
'Dimension': length 15cm, width 8cm, height 5.5cm.

Charger power cord 75 cm, about 40 cm output line

Exterior ': Streamlined design, nice and comfortable feel, ABS flame retardant shell

The new features of the installation of digital display accurate charging process to show the appearance of fashion

Is a general automatic charger can not be compared

'Product Features':

1, the charging process is fully automated (constant voltage, constant current, floating charge), according to the battery status automatically select the charging mode and protection.

2, intelligent and charging status display and other functions.

3, the charging efficiency is high, can better protect the battery life.

4, compact structure, small size, light weight, easy to carry and easy to use.

'Applicable battery': need to add water to the battery and maintenance-free battery

'Rechargeable battery': 12V 20AH-63AH (the size of the battery charge is the best case of this charger, the car battery capacity is generally in this range)

The actual battery charge 3AH - 120AH (theoretical charge time = battery capacity / charger charging current, the larger the battery the longer the charging time, in general, the battery car for the current to red is the most appropriate), the charge Lead-acid battery charging using a three-stage charging mode, that is, high-current recharge phase, balanced charging stage and the floating charge stage, charging the battery charger, charging, charging, charging, charging, , The charger small size, high efficiency, high reliability, the use of the charger to charge the battery can be guaranteed to be the battery capacity and life. (Charger is backward compatible with the motorcycle, such as the use of relatively small capacity Of the battery quickly or directly when the green indicator, and automatically enter the small current charge, effectively prevent damage to the battery).

Charger change lights or not with your battery condition, the new battery and the old battery is often the old light is not normal, you can charge voltage or charge time to determine the charge. Charger settings are generally in accordance with the semi-new Not old battery set.

1, suitable for general transport vehicles, can be used for cars, ships and other battery charging.

2, for special vehicles, the battery can be used for forklifts, golf carts, small mower battery charging.

3, for fixed-type battery can be used for power systems, construction sites, UPS power, lighting, fire and other power battery charging.

'Cooling': the internal set with active cooling fan

'Suggested': The charger recommended every vehicle necessary to take preventive measures, if the charge to the 4S shop once, the cost will be 30-50 million, but also a waste of time, delay things, very convenient.This section of the charger from the market , Has been selling popular, rave reviews!

Charger is backward compatible, if you have a car also has a motorcycle, direct use of this model can be, for the motorcycle battery charger when the charger will be directly or soon automatically adjust to green state, a small current charging: If you are only a motorcycle, but in the near future to buy a car, it is recommended that you buy this type of charger, she is 'a multi-functional', so do the 'prepared' and 'rainy' it!

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friendly reminder: Please do not charge the battery, scrapped battery can not be resurrected! Scrap the battery is not charge, but the battery can be used to repair and protection, so that the battery life longer, save more electricity.

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