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Lead-acid battery | 12V8AH maintenance-free battery 12V battery battery ups

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  • Brand: Photosynthesis
  • Model: HGY6003
  • Suitable for: lighting

As the warehouse shipments are relatively large, default hair warehouse stock, physical pictures and page description of the picture may have some differences, but the use of the same performance, the size of the same size, mind the pro please carefully shot, thank you!

Rated voltage: 12V
Rated capacity: 7AH (Appearance and pictures have some differences, the default hair warehouse Spot, the same size)

Weight: 2.2KG
Size: 151 * 66 * 96 / 101mm (L * W * H * H)

Railway systems, emergency lighting systems, small lamps, large UPS and computer back-up power supply, power supply, power supply system, anti-theft system, medical equipment, ship system, telephone and telecommunication equipment, test machine, radio transceiver, bank system uninterruptible power supply, Fire protection systems and security systems Uninterruptible power supplies, electronic equipment and other backup power, non-powered batteries

1) Maintenance-free design
The use of reliable valve-controlled sealed design, so that the battery does not leak (infiltration) liquid, no acid mist, no corrosion, and the charge generated by the basic absorption of the gas is reduced to the electrolyte, without adding water, rehydration and measurement electrolysis Liquid specific gravity
2) Long service life
High-current discharge characteristics, rapid charge performance, the depth of discharge recovery, so that the battery life. Float charge design long life (25 ℃). The design of the plate and alloy design,
3) Small self-discharge current
The high-purity material design, self-discharge current is very small, self-discharge capacity loss caused by less than 4% per month, reducing the battery storage maintenance work.
4) a wide operating temperature range
The battery can be -20 ℃ ~ +50 ℃ or even a wide range of temperature conditions, the internal resistance of the battery than conventional batteries in the -20 ℃ ~ +50 ℃ temperature range for high-current discharge, the output power ratio With the traditional specifications of the opening battery.
5) Good batch consistency
Good design technology and tightness, voltage, capacity and safety performance test, so that high-volume production of the battery has a good consistency, suitable for multi-cell batteries in series applications, such as UPS power backup battery pack, inverter backup Batteries and so on.
6) reasonable installation and structural design
Positive and negative pole design and compact overall structural design, easy installation and removal, easy maintenance, significant savings in user costs.

1) The battery can not be short-circuit the two poles, the shell is strictly prohibited collision, charging and discharging process is placed in the proposed legislation, the battery can not be placed in honey sealed space, to maintain ventilation
2) Please try to use constant current constant voltage battery charger
3) Overcharge (overcharging) for a long time will shorten the battery life. If the charger is not working for a long period of time, it will affect the work of the load or lead to voltage abnormality. (Red), negative (black) charging clip corresponding to clip the battery, do not reverse. Charge, turn off the power switch, and then take the battery clip
4) The battery is put three months to add electricity, to keep the battery full of electricity is a good way to save
5) Do not place the battery near the fire source or incineration of the battery, not the battery decomposition, transformation

? You may be wondering
1) the battery hot, high temperature will affect the battery?
A: In general, in the charge and discharge process, because the current is large, the battery there is a certain resistance, the battery will produce a certain heat, the temperature has increased.But when the battery charge current is too large, the battery gap is too small will charge Current and battery temperature of a cumulative enhancement, and damage the battery, causing thermal runaway, so do not charge too much, otherwise the battery will be affected
2) The choice of standby power?
A: It is recommended to choose the same type as your previous battery. Our batteries are standard size, the same type can be used.If you want to replace the large size of the battery, as long as the battery position is not required size can be.
3) Do not charge the battery charge?
A: The battery is a new product. Should a high charge (overcharge) phenomenon, it is recommended to use multi-meter detection voltage is normal, if the voltage is too low, then the battery was overdrawn, requiring professionals with high-pressure gun activation side If it is the original rated voltage, then the battery is normal, may be chargers or other equipment for the impact of other reasons.
4) What courier?
A: The default Hui Tong, Yuantong Express, less than the region to take the EMS, shoot, please note Tibet, Xinjiang and other regions, due to product special, remote road, can only send EMS, please understand
5) Packaging be assured?
A: You can rest assured that inside the 2 layer shockproof bubble cushion + outside the high hardness of cardboard, packaging standards, safe and reliable, one place