Photosynthetic 12V7AH solar battery | 12V maintenance-free silicon battery | 7.2ah access UPS Battery

Photosynthetic 12V7AH solar battery | 12V maintenance-free silicon battery | 7.2ah access UPS Battery

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: Photosynthesis
  • Model: wxw1029
  • Suitable for: lighting

[Model]: 12V7.2AH (Actual delivery: 12v8ah)
- Size: 100mm long 151mm wide and 65mm high
[Weight]: 2.2KG

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Silicon battery is Long life, high performance secondary battery having a specific energy, high current discharge performance, fast charging performance, low temperature performance, reserve capacity, service life and environmental performance compared to the use of solar batteries have great advantages in lead-acid batteries and colloids. battery power, battery posts and telecommunications, electric power system with a battery, a variety of UPS batteries, motor vehicle starter batteries, electric vehicle traction battery source, railway locomotive passenger power supply, load compensation energy storage devices, medical equipment, marine equipment miner batteries, fire and security alarm systems and defense systems for emergency lighting.

1) Environmental protection Silicon can be battery products to achieve the production, use, recycling process produces no acid mist and without etching plate; after the re-use of recyclable scrap plate, complete waste electrolyte neutral aqueous compartments like cotton, not only does not pollute the soil, rivers, etc., but also increase the oxygen content of the soil. Therefore, the EPA monitoring department hailed as 'clean production plant'.

2) High reserve capacity , 35AH the following Up to 2 times as required.

3) Low temperature high capacity , Can be applied to harsh environments, it can be used in the range of -40-70 ℃. -40 ℃ under ambient conditions, the capacity can still maintain more than 80%.

4) Internal resistance Silicon can be battery internal resistance, high current discharge and heat does not damage the battery, and short circuit in the 8s, not failure.

5) Wide adaptability and strong Silicon can be battery products can work normally in the range of -40 ℃ to 70 ℃, to accommodate the special requirements of industry users of battery performance.

6) No memory Charge-discharge receiving ability.

7) Overcharge, without steam . Good air tightness, use no burning, no explosion, good safety performance.

8) long lasting Since discharge, after being charged, stored at room temperature for 2 years can be used.

9) Sealed, maintenance-free This greatly reduces the battery maintenance workload and maintenance costs, reducing the damage to the battery due to poor maintenance caused

1) Electric car battery needs to maintain it?
A: The need due to battery during the charging process will produce hydrogen gas, most of the gas will be combined into the water in the battery, only a small portion of the gas through the safety valve will discharge the battery, the battery can cause dehydration so long your electric. when the car is used after 8-10 months or charging power to the battery box is recommended when hot stores or repair shop for maintenance dosing.
2) Electric Bicycle continue the mileage is shorter if the battery problem?
A: When the battery is not necessarily aging, the capacity drops, continues the course becomes shorter, but the following does not belong to the battery problems
It continues the course will lead to shorter:
1. When a decline in motor efficiency, to do useful work increases, wasting power, so continue the mileage is shorter;
2. inferior charger to charge the battery while charging less per day, so that insufficient battery capacity caused by a short fall continues the course

3. The controller of the electric car bad starting current is too large for too long and wasting electricity, resulting in electric vehicles continue the mileage is shorter;
4. inferior electric cars moving parts friction coefficient is too large or the mechanical transmission resistance is too large, can also cause waste of electricity, resulting in shorter continues the course
3) Summer use of electric vehicles should pay attention to what matters?
A: 1. Avoid sun exposure at high temperature, high temperature environment is prohibited in charge;
2. Avoid high temperature immediately after charging with preventing long charging time (normal about 8 hours);
3. When the battery charging power supply box does not turn green or hot, the battery should go to stores or repair shops or the battery charger inspection and maintenance
4) What happens in winter use of electric vehicles, how to avoid?
A: 1. The use of electric vehicles in winter you feel added mileage decreased significantly (northern obvious), which is a normal phenomenon
2. The next is due to low temperatures reduce the battery charge acceptance ability, electrolyte viscosity increases Furthermore, the electrochemical reaction resistance increases, resulting in decreased battery capacity. Therefore, you avoid the electric vehicle should be placed outdoors overnight or in the winter charging at low temperatures
5) What made the logistics?
A: Because electric car batteries a relatively heavy, we need your package logistics from mentioning, we will send the goods to your local logistics station, when the arrival of the telephone notification from mentioning.
6) Packaging ease it?
A: You can rest assured that the inside layer 2 outside shock bubble pad + high hardness cardboard, packaging standards, safe and reliable, once in place.