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Yuasa (YUASA) NP7-12 maintenance-free battery 12V7AH solar 7.2AH battery UPS

Yuasa (YUASA) NP7-12 maintenance-free battery 12V7AH solar 7.2AH battery UPS
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Product parameters:

  • Brand: YUASA
  • Model: NP7-12
  • Suitable for: computer systems

Yuasa company has more than 90 years of professional experience in lead-acid battery manufacturers, the use of the latest oxygen composite technology produced.

Japan Yuasa Corporation was established in 1918Year, so far 90Years of history, is a professional long engaged in battery research, development and production, to guide the development of the global battery, the Yuasa (Yuasa )Is not only one of Japan's top five battery manufacturers, but also the world's one of the largest battery manufacturers in the world with more than 20 production plants, with the amount of lead around the world 11%, The main products are valve-sealed lead-acid batteries, car starter batteries, motorcycle batteries, etc., the products sell well the world, and in the global industry, the major users in the praise.

Guangdong Yuasa was established 1996Year, Japan is the only production in the Chinese mainland 'YUASA' (Soup shallow) NP , NPL , UXH , UXL Series of valve-regulated sealed lead-acid battery of large-scale production base, the full use of Japan's soup the most advanced lead-acid battery manufacturing technology, uphold the Japanese Yuanshuang 90 years of professional development, research and manufacture of lead-acid batteries of many technical experience.

No free acid, the battery can be inverted 90 °Safe use. Very low electrolyte specific gravity, extended life.

Strict selection of materials and advanced manufacturing process, so that self-discharge is minimal.

Very low float current to ensure life.

Sealing reaction efficiency is high.


Advantages: life 3year ~ 10Year, maintenance-free, low self-discharge

Capacity range: 0.8Ah ~ 100Ah

use: ups , Emergency power supply, communication system, railway, solar power

Product quality and technology to achieve the parameters of Japan Yuasa indicators in the country completely replace the imported products, widely used in the domestic major, key projects, on behalf of the highest domestic and most advanced lead-acid battery products.

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