Photosynthetic 12V20AH batteries | solar maintenance-free lead-acid battery | Emergency lighting gear UPS power supply

Photosynthetic 12V20AH batteries | solar maintenance-free lead-acid battery | Emergency lighting gear UPS power supply

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: Photosynthesis
  • Model: GH20AH
  • Suitable for: lighting

[] 12V voltage

[Capacity] 20ah

[Life] 3--4 years

[Weight] 5.2kg

[Size] 180 * 75 * 165mm (L * W * H)

Power systems, security systems, medical equipment, marine systems, telephone and telecommunications equipment, test machine, a radio transceiver, a banking system, uninterruptible power supply, railway locomotives, railway communications, emergency lighting systems, small lamps, computers and large UPS backup power, fire protection systems and uninterruptible power supply security and defense systems, electronic equipment and other standby power, non-power battery.

Maintenance-free design
Using valve regulated sealed, so that the battery does not leak (seepage) liquid, mist-free, non-corrosive, and gas generated during charging is absorbed substantially reduced to the electrolyte, when used without adding water, rehydration and electrolyte specific gravity measurement .
Long life
Grid design and alloy formulation effective against plate corrosion; high-current discharge characteristic, fast charge performance, deep discharge recovery capabilities, battery life float design life for a long time (25 ℃)..
Small self-discharge current
Design of high purity material, self-discharge current is small, the capacity loss caused by self-discharge is less than four percent per month, reduce the maintenance work of battery storage time.
Wide operating temperature range
The battery can operate in the range of 50 ℃ temperature conditions of -20 ℃ ~ +, the internal resistance of the battery is smaller than a conventional battery in a temperature range of -20 ℃ ~ + 50 ℃ of large current discharge, the output power than the same specifications traditional open batteries is high.

1) the battery terminals can not be short-circuited, shell prohibited crashing, charging and discharging process to maintain upright display

2) Please use the constant current constant voltage battery charger

3) battery can not overcharge (12V / 6V battery charging voltage can not exceed 15V / 7.5V)

4) can not be over-discharge battery (12V / 6V battery discharge voltage can not be less than 9.6V / 4.8V)

5) After the battery should be promptly charged, regardless of not run out of power, or they may preclude the plate curing internal rechargeable

6) months to replenish the battery discharge static electricity, keep the battery fully charged is a good method of preservation

1) Do battery device in wet areas to avoid the risk of electric shock or terminal corrosion occurred.

2) Please wear prison detected storage gloves to avoid electric shock.

3) When connecting the battery, make sure that the positive and negative sequence is correct.

4) Do not directly link the battery as a power supply in general, in order to avoid leakage and other danger.

5) Do not close to the fire source, do not decompose the battery can cause a fire, leakage and other dangers.

6Before) or to maintain contact with the battery, make sure to release the body of static electricity and sparks caused by static electricity in order to avoid danger with a damp cloth.

7) Over the life of the battery sure to replace it in order to avoid leakage or fire.

8) If accidental eye contact with skin or sulfuric acid, in order to please a lot of water rinse after.

1. How long is the battery life?
A:.. A battery life associated with the depth of discharge, the lower the depth of discharge, longer life expectancy, and vice versa 50% of cases of each electric capacity of the battery life using the approximately 600 Week discharge is about 300 99.9% times per week.
. B overcharged excessive discharge will affect the battery life can cause excessive sulfation plate affect the battery capacity and service life;. Overcharging will frequently open valve, causing excessive water loss while the battery early termination of battery life . (Be sure to note)

2) Buy original battery charger is available?

A: You can continue to use the original charger if the charger is not the case, our prices are excluding battery charger, need another shot.

3) Battery hot, high temperatures can affect battery use it?

A: In general, in the charge and discharge process, since the current is large, there is a certain internal resistance of the battery, the battery will generate some heat, the temperature was increased, however, when the battery charge current is too large, too small to make the gap between battery charging. current and battery temperature enhanced the Genesis cumulative effect, and damage to the battery, resulting in thermal runaway, so do not over-charging, otherwise the battery will be affected

4) the battery charge is not into power?

A: Should the batteries are new products appear high charging (overcharging) phenomenon, it is recommended to use the Meter if the detected voltage is normal, should the voltage is too low, it means that the battery is over-discharge, to be professionals with high pressure gun activating party. can; Should the original rated voltage, then the battery is normal, may be affected as a charger or other reasons and other equipment.