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Solar energy maintenance-free lead-acid battery | emergency lighting fishing gear UPS power supply

Solar energy maintenance-free lead-acid battery | emergency lighting fishing gear UPS power supply
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Product parameters:

  • Brand: Photosynthesis
  • Model: GH20AH
  • Suitable for: lighting

'Voltage' 12V

'Capacity' 20ah

'Life' 3-4 years

'Weight' 5.2kg

'Size' 180 * 75 * 165mm (L * W * H)

Railway systems, emergency lighting systems, small lamps, large UPS and computer back-up power supply, power supply, power supply system, anti-theft system, medical equipment, ship system, telephone and telecommunication equipment, test machine, radio transceiver, bank system uninterruptible power supply, Fire protection systems and security systems uninterruptible power supply, electronic equipment and other backup power, non-powered batteries.

Maintenance-free design
The use of valve-controlled sealed design, so that the battery does not leak (infiltration), no acid mist, no corrosion, and the charge generated by the basic absorption of the gas is reduced to the electrolyte, without adding water, rehydration and measurement of electrolyte specific gravity .
Long service life
High-current discharge characteristics, rapid charge performance, depth of discharge recovery, battery life. Float charge design long life (25 ℃). The design of the plate grid and alloy design, effective resistance to corrosion;
Small self-discharge current
The high-purity material design, self-discharge current is very small, self-discharge capacity loss caused by less than 4% per month, reducing the battery storage maintenance work.
Extremely wide operating temperature range
The battery can work in the temperature range of -20 ℃ ~ +50 ℃, the internal resistance of the battery than the conventional battery is small, in the -20 ℃ ~ +50 ℃ temperature range of high-current discharge, the output power than the same specifications Traditional open cell high.

1) The battery can not be short-circuit the two poles, the shell is strictly prohibited collision, charge and discharge process to maintain the vertical placed

2) Please use constant current constant voltage battery charger

3) The battery can not be over-charged (12V / 6V battery charging voltage can not be greater than 15V / 7.5V)

4) The battery can not be over-discharged (12V / 6V battery discharge voltage can not be less than 9.6V / 4.8V)

5) after the use of the battery charge in time, whether there is no running out of electricity, or may be the internal electrode plate can not be re-cured

6) The battery is put three months to add electricity, to keep the battery full of electricity is a good way to save

1) Do not install the battery in a wet area, so as to avoid corrosion of the terminal or the risk of electric shock.

2) Always use gloves to prevent electric shock.

3) When connecting the battery, make sure that the positive and negative polarity are correct.

4) Do not directly connect the battery as a general power supply, so as to avoid leakage and other hazards.

5) Do not approach the fire source, do not disassemble the battery, will cause fire, leakage and other hazards.

6) Before touching or maintaining the battery, make sure that the static electricity has been released from the body and wipe it with a damp cloth to avoid the risk of sparks caused by static electricity.

7) Please use the battery over the use of the replacement period, so as to avoid leakage or fire.

8) If the skin or eyes accidentally contact with sulfuric acid, rinse with plenty of water after medical treatment.

1. How long is the battery life?
The battery life is related to the depth of the discharge, the lower the depth of discharge, the longer life, and vice versa.Every use of the battery capacity of 50% of the life of about 600 times, Week or so.
B. Excessive charge and discharge will affect the battery life. Excessive discharge will cause the plate excessive sulfate affect the battery capacity and service life; Overcharge will make the safety valve frequently open, resulting in excessive battery water loss and early termination of battery life (Be sure to note)

2) Buy the battery The original charger is available?

A: You can continue to use the original charger.If there is no charger, then our battery prices are not including the charger, need to take another shot.

3) the battery hot, high temperature will affect the battery?

A: In general, in the charge and discharge process, because the current is large, the battery there is a certain resistance, the battery will produce a certain heat, the temperature has increased.But when the battery charge current is too large, the battery gap is too small will charge Current and battery temperature of a cumulative enhancement, and damage the battery, causing thermal runaway, so do not charge too much, otherwise the battery will be affected

4) Do not charge the battery charge?

A: The battery is a new product. Should a high charge (overcharge) phenomenon, it is recommended to use multi-meter detection voltage is normal, if the voltage is too low, then the battery was overdrawn, requiring professionals with high-pressure gun activation side If it is the original rated voltage, then the battery is normal, may be chargers or other equipment for the impact of other reasons.