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Shangyu home computer UPS power supply server power failure delay 20 minutes backup UPS uninterruptible power supply S650

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  • Condition: New
  • Brand: Shangyu
  • Model: S650

Name: Shangyu (CPSY) UPS uninterruptible power supply S650 super wide voltage regulator 600VA / 360W

Selling point: A: LCD liquid crystal display B: Yuasa battery C:Single computer for 20 minutes

Brand: Business Yu

model: S650

Warranty: The whole three-year warranty or replacement

After-sales service Tel: 400-6888-807

To determine the quality of a UPS power supply, the most critical is to look at the battery life, built-in high-quality UPS YUASA Japanese Yuasa battery life of 5-7 years, the whole three-year replacement, Genius, factory direct sales.