"Send headphones + membrane shell" Xiaomi/millet | Phone 5 | Full CNC version with high

"Send headphones + membrane shell" Xiaomi/millet | Phone 5 | Full CNC version with high

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Product name: millet millet Xiaomi/Mobile 5 ...
  • CPU brand: Qualcomm
  • CPU type: other
  • Brand: Xiaomi/millet
  • Model: phone version 5 full CNC with high
  • Listing time: 2016
  • Network type: mobile 4G/4G/Unicom Telecom 4G
  • Style: bar
  • Size: 5.15 inches
  • Colors: Gold white black purple
  • Package type: official four matching dining package II package three packages packages five packages of six packages of eight
  • Rear camera: 16 million
  • Operating system: MIUI
  • Additional features: OTG distance sensing g-sensor light sensor electronic compass GPS navigation TV dual SIM dual standby HD video
  • Baby color: new
  • After-sales service: the whole country
  • Touch screen type: capacitive
  • Run a memory-RAM:3GB
  • Body memory: 64GB
  • Keyboard type: virtual touch-screen keyboard
  • Thickness: 7.25mm
  • Resolution: 1920*1080
  • Phone type: camera phone music phone fashionable mobile phone smart phone 3G cell phone TV mobile phone 4G phone business phone female cell phone
  • Battery type: no removable battery
  • Camera type: dual cameras (front and rear)
  • Video format: 1080P (full HD D5)
  • Network mode: double-kaduomo
  • Core number: quad-core
  • Battery capacity: 3000mAh
  • Body thickness: 7.25mm
  • Version type: County

Millet 5 high with black, white, gold, purple, SF collection and delivery 18:00 order spot the day before!

Netcom-mobile, China Unicom, telecommunication 4G/3G/2G, convenient

Buy now Gift packages:

1. transparent protective case

2. special steel foil

3. the wire headset

4. Special cut cards

5. good phone support

6. sky cat score

7. sky cat instalments interest-free

The official standard:
Charger X1, cable X1, manual X1, X1 warranty card, check card PIN X1

Detected after the original intact support millet homes for sale please feel free to place an order!

Official standard +Self portrait-by-wire rod
+ 20
Package II:
Official standard +Qway H06 Bluetooth headset
+ 40
Package three:
Official standard +Shaheen Mobile power 10400 mAh
+ 60
Package four:
Official standard +Millet 1 Smart sports bracelet
+ 70
Package five:
Official standard +First pair of in-ear Bluetooth sport headset/green (running, listen to song)
+ 60
Package of six:
Official standard +Typec data cable
+ 30
Package VII:
Official standard + no
+ 00
Package of eight: Official standard +Broken screen screen accidentally warranty services insurance + 128

Note: each ID take a limit (the same delivery address, similar to your shipping address, the same consignee, phone), but will not be shipped, if more than one is required, purchased separately, if not, please forgive me!