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Widening thickening | outdoor tent single person can be spliced ​​automatic inflatable cushion ultralight | mat nap mats

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Product parameters:

  • Brand: ACRONO
  • Item No: A1036
  • Moisture pad Type: automatic inflatable moisture pad
  • The number of applicable: Single
  • made in China
  • Price tag: 128
  • Time to market: 2014 summer
  • Color classification: 183 * 60 * 5cm dark green (especially thick) 196 * 60 * 2.5cm blue (increase) 183 * 57 * 3.5cm blue (thick) 183 * 60 * 5cm blue (especially thick) 183 * 57 * 2.5cm Army green (General) 183 * 57 * 3.5cm green (thick) 183 * 57 * 2.5cm blue (General)
  • Sports & Outdoors items: Camping

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【Special Note】Self-inflating mats The need to manually inflatable pillow is And without manual inflatable cushion portion, built-in high-elastic foam cushion, when you open the inflation port, sponge rebound larger expansion, driven into the air, wait 1-2 minutes after the completion of the sponge rebound, the charging process is finished, Sponge how high, how high after the automatic inflation, So self-inflatable padding finished product after the gas is flat, not like other artificial inflatable products that are bulging, Nor can the inflator to the cushion portion plus Gas, that would result in the course of nine nodes to increase the force, causing node damage!

[General] sectionPeripheral cutting dimensions are 183 * 60 * 2.5cm, inflated external dimensions (including pillows) length 175 * W 58 * 2-2.5 cm thick!

[Thicker section]Peripheral cutting size 183 * 60 * 5cm, external dimensions inflated (plus pillows) long 175 * 58 * width of about 4-5 cm thick, double thickness, more comfortable, highly recommended!

[Paragraph] increasePeripheral cutting size 188 * 66 * 2.5cm, the peripheral size after inflation (plus pillows) length 180 * W 65 * 2-2.5 cm thick, increase the overall size

It can be used with different size tent! Few people buy a few sleep! Can be spliced ​​to each other the same size, stitching more people!

≮ widened thickened Double automatic inflatable cushion can be spliced ​​outdoor tent moisture pad mat nap mats ≯

Tips: Automatic inflatable cushion itself, simply unscrew the valve, a place will be automatically inflated. Cushion can not pump or mouth to blow! Or will burst Oh! The restaurant is not responsible for it! Pro who must pay attention to Oh!

And we dare to promise the buyer received the baby appears Quality problems, we bear the return shipping costs,

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Good news! Now inflatable cushion updated, we will repair kit to stick diaphragm! More convenient to use, beautiful and easy to carry Oh!

  • 1. This paragraph cushion can guarantee the quality! We unconditionally accept 7 days no reason to return, but also in a responsible attitude to you, so you spend money to feel reasonably satisfied with the products and services.

  • Single inflatable cushion Note: Some customers get the goods is a single person to say why?
  • A: Customers may be misunderstood, the price is above the price of a single person, can be spliced ​​to buy two double use.
  • Inflatable cushions on inflation and deflation?
  • A: The principle is simple as long as the open air of the air valve cap, will begin to breathe in air, automatically saturated 3-4 points, deflation is the same reason and then start to open the valve from a pillow portion Volume and pressed down until the volume to the valve port in the valve to the cap.
    1 , The initial use:
    1) spread cushion
    2) open the gas nozzle, so that self-inflating air bed. Close the gas nozzle, the air bed repeatedly folded, then beat a few times, and then open the valve, so that self-inflating air bed, make it completely restore elasticity and shape.
    2 , Inflatable methods:
    1) spread cushion, open the gas nozzle, air cushion bed will automatically begin to swell.
    2) Wait until the air bed expansion is completed, and then tighten the gas nozzle cover.
    3) adjusting the air pressure, adjust its comfortable hardness.
    Note: If the long-term storage in a rolled state (not recommended), use a mouth several times blowing expansion allowed to restore elasticity.

    3 Exhaust method:
    1) Open the gas nozzle, gas nozzle from the other end of the roll, press out the air.
    2) Close the gas nozzle from the other end of the air bed rolled up, open the gas nozzle so that the residual air out again.
    3) Finally, close the valve, you can always save the state rolled.
    Note: when placed outsourcing carry bag to avoid scratches.

    4 , Storage methods:
    Spread cushion, open the gas nozzle, stored in a cool dry place (for example: on the bed or behind the sofa, etc.), because the air bed with memory foam shape can be rapidly expanded into the shape of the most commonly used.
    5 Repair method:
    1) confirm the leak place: After blowing the expansion valve is closed, water or dilute soapy water to wet the surface after, folded in half, in order to suppress the weight pressing knee, blistering place where both the leak, Please cook mark.
    2) Small hole repair: The air bed is completely dry, releasing air in the hole of the drop on the adhesive because after discharge air, adhesive will be inhaled, and so will seal the hole after the adhesive hardens...
    3) large damage repair: the deflated air bed is completely dry, glue on a patch of cloth, the surface of the hole of the air bed is also coated with glue, dry 30-3 seconds (depending on the temperature level may be), fit in damage office, flattened, keeping four hours before use.

    6 Clean:
    The air cushion bed expansion to the maximum limit, tightly close the valve, with a soft brush and low stimulus family degreasing detergent or lotion after washing the bathtub thoroughly washed with water, completely dry preservation.
    7 , Precautions:
    1) Do not close to sharp things (prickly plants or sharp stones or blades).
    2) when not in use tents, air bed in below please BEDDING cloth.
    3) Do not use it as a floating device.
    4) Keep away from flames or sparks.
    5) The temperature is high, do not close the valve and the expansion of the air bed placed in the car or tent.
    6) Do not stained with sunscreen or alkaline drugs.
    7) Do not prolonged exposure to sunlight, ultraviolet light will slowly damage the material surface.
    8) Please put a pet can not touch the place.
    9) gas nozzle part hard to avoid it should rest.