Korean wild retro canvas belt | Ms. male adolescent students wild Buckle Belt Buckle belt | Width

Korean wild retro canvas belt | Ms. male adolescent students wild Buckle Belt Buckle belt | Width

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Time to market: Spring 2015
  • Width: 3.5cm
  • Are malls the same paragraph: Yes
  • Brand: Delcbebe
  • Style: Belt
  • Material: Canvas
  • Material technology: Smooth
  • With the body element: light body weave thick line decoration
  • Belt buckle style: Buckle
  • Buckle Material: Alloy
  • Popular elements: Smooth
  • Style: joker
  • Length: lap
  • To apply a gender: General
  • Color Classification: Army green stripe models upgrade upgrade upgrade section, paragraph green wide stripe dark blue striped khaki stripes upgrade upgrade paragraph paragraph paragraph coffee striped black striped upgrade upgrade section khaki green wide stripe T sub buckle buckle dark blue striped T T sub-sub-buckle khaki wide stripes T buckle coffee striped T sub sub sub buckle buckle dark green striped T-black striped T-buckle wide black stripes LK dark blue striped black wide stripes older older older khaki green wide stripes
  • Size: 100cm 110cm 125cm
  • Product Number: RZK01
  • Suitable for: young, middle-aged children and adolescents aged


(100) suitable for waist 1 foot 8-2 feet 3 affinity (corresponding pants code number is 25-30 yards)
(110) applicable pro waistline 2 feet 2-2 feet 7 (corresponding pants code number is 29-35 yards)
(125) suitable for waist circumference 2 feet 6-3 feet pro-1 (corresponding to the pants code number is 33-38 yards)
In strict accordance with the above the waist or pants yardage models to choose, because you can not modify the length of the belt section, with the body comes with nine holes, as long as the size is based on the above model to choose to take home can be used directly. Nice, solid and reliable !

Because each batch of goods is not the same batch of leather therefore interfaces and tail skin color is different, but does not affect the use and appearance of any proposed pro buy with caution!

If you do not understand, please consult the online small two, we will be happy to serve you, oh!

This paragraph retro style canvas belt, classic wild, each one has his unique leather belt, discount signs belonging to reflect retro-style, not a quality problem!