K2 wireless intelligent home socket wifi remote control switch timer mobile phone control

K2 wireless intelligent home socket wifi remote control switch timer mobile phone control

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: control off
  • Application scenarios: Meeting / office / entertainment / learning
  • Color Category: KK Smart Control Kits Intelligent Remote Control Plug-in Remote Control Plug-in Remote Control Plug-in Control Card Environmental Control Plug-in Control Sensor Infrared Sensor Plug-in Four K2 +

Plug-in matching, 99 yuan without plug-ins

Plug is used in conjunction with the socket, so that the socket function more powerful, Plug-ins can not be a separate practical Oh!

1. IOS Version: http: // vyoukucom / v_show / id_XODA0MDE3MDc2html

2. Android Version: http: // vyoukucom / v_show / id_XODA0MDE1NjA0html

Socket body function: (Socket body function without relying on plug-ins, the following function is no plug-in case function)

1. comes with a night light : Night light can be mobile phone timing and remote control

The socket can be controlled from anywhere.

No network does not matter, mobile phones and sockets can also be directly controlled.

A mobile phone can control multiple, multiple mobile phones can control a socket.

Plug in the number of electrical power consumption, at a glance, at any time.

Can be set to 8 groups, professional level timing, even if there is no network timing is also valid.

Set a time period, the countdown task.

Built-in antenna, you can enhance your wifi signal.

Insert the cable to the USB cable, you can turn the network cable to wireless, instantly turned wireless router

Both to the phone charge, you can insert all kinds of plug-ins, to create the smallest combination of smart home!

Plug-in features: (Plug-ins do not need to plug the electrical plug socket, so do not tangled air-conditioning 16A plug in the socket, do not need to plug!)

Remote control plug-ins and plug-ins are inserted into the small k2 generation usb black mouth

RF plug-ins and environment plug-ins are inserted into a small k2 on behalf of usb white

1. Remote control plug-in: Which is infrared plug-in, you can learn your home remote control, mobile phone terminal can be studied Anywhere Control your home infrared remote control device, the interface with your real remote control, common infrared remote control equipment, air conditioning, TV, audio, electrical and mechanical boxes.

Sensing human activities, you can set the linkage, such as set to sense the person to open the night light (of course, there is no induction plug, night light can switch), and then set to detect the body automatically reminded, Set time to induction to the people, pushed to your phone, as the anti-theft.

With infrared plug-ins are all remote control plug-in, support 433 and 315 RF, such as electric curtains, garage doors, remote control toys, remote control socket, RF switches are generally 433 and 315 RF remote control Note: RF support fixed code, roll Code can not be used, such as some of the garage door safety factor is high, can not learn.

Induction temperature, humidity, light, this may be a lot of people feel nothing with, but with the other plug-in linkage is very good, such as environmental plug-ins and infrared plug-in linkage can be In order to achieve the number of temperature, automatically open the air conditioning, adjust to what temperature.

Examples of several classic applications:

1: with the sensor plug-in, induction of people to, to open the night light, delay a few seconds automatically shut down, through the APP settings.

2: environment plug-ins and remote control plug-in with the use of the temperature is less than or greater than the number of degrees to open the air-conditioning.