5-port POE switch | 4 POE power supply switch | Suitable for small shops with wireless AP 1, 4

5-port POE switch | 4 POE power supply switch | Suitable for small shops with wireless AP 1, 4

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: alley
  • Model: SK-POE1D4D
  • Condition: brand new
  • Transmission speeds: 10Mbps 100Mbps
  • Switch type: the switch
  • Number of interfaces: 4
  • Supports VLAN support
  • Diego: Diego
  • After-sales service: shop warranty

Product name Powered 4-port POE switch 8-port POE power supply switch
Product model SK-POE1D4D SK-POE1D8D
Switch type Bai Gigabit POE switch Bai Gigabit POE switch
Port description 5 hundred MB copper RJ45 port, 4-port POE power supply 9 trillion hundred copper cable RJ45 port, 8-port POE power supply
Transmission speed 10Mbps/100Mbps Adaptive 10Mbps/100Mbps Adaptive
Furthest transmission distance 100 m 100 m
Lightning levels Three-level lightning Three-level lightning
A single port Max output power 30W 30W
Maximum output power 120W (power) 240W (power)
Goods distribution power 48V 2A 48V 2A
Support agreements IEEE 802.3 , IEEE 802.3u , IEEE 802.3x , IEEE802.3af
LEDs Mark mark Led color Fitness Define
The power indicator P Green Bright POE switches power on
Fight POE switches power off
Status indication LINK Yellow Bright Ethernet link
Flashing Port is sending/receiving data
Fight The Ethernet link is not established/not connected
PoE indicator POE Green Bright PoE output works
Flashing PoE output anomalies (overload/short circuit)
Fight PoE no output
Light indicator LINK Green Bright Optical link establishment
Flashing Port is sending/receiving data
Fight Optical link establishment/not connected
Please be careful to open the packing, packaging should have the following items in the box:
Project The name Work unit The number of
1 Powered 4-port POE switch Taiwan 1
2 External power adapters Generic classifier 1
3 Power cord Nondescript animals 1
4 Brochure This 1
5 Certificate Generic classifier 1
6 Warranty card Generic classifier 1
Note: upon opening the box, if there is damage or shortage of the object, please reject the package.