Asus Dell Lenovo Apple laptop bag lady laptop sleeve M 13.3 / 14-inch 15.6-inch

Asus Dell Lenovo Apple laptop bag lady laptop sleeve M 13.3 / 14-inch 15.6-inch

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Color: light blue gray brown black violet blue jeans
  • Style: Portable KUMON
  • Material: Other
  • Size: 10-inch 13-inch 14-inch 15-inch
  • Style: Simple
  • Brand: Wesnoth
  • Model: WN-9406

Super Reward Event date: 2016-04-09 16:32:47- 2016-04-24 16:32:47
Orders over 2Member, Less 5.0yuan,
Orders over 3Member, Less 10.0yuan,
At least two minus 5 yuan, 10 yuan over three minus

(Pro and welcome to Hangzhou good fruit, shop shelves are all able to shoot the spot Oh, pro direct single line, the next single after the first time you will be issued as soon as possible Oh! OUR default hair through courier!)

Total sales have broken fifty thousand!

Thousands of buyers choice!

Lynx dynamic scoring overall than peers more than thirty percent!

Many buyers will certainly score!

A product to achieve sales in the forefront, is not easy, the country tens of thousands of Lynx businesses, tens of thousands of computer bags, how to break the siege, at least to comply with the following three points:
First of all , What quality is better, we do not cheap PU, do not rough canvas texture poor, both of which are easily cracked (split out a section of the slit and finally the whole split), frequent use of the words a few months on the problem, we use costly process of washing denim material, the durability of the pro dirt cowboy understand about the material. To ruin? not so easy oh!
second , Style better, something even the best quality, the appearance of ugly, that nobody wanted, and we have this package is slim minimalist design (in fact, this is the initial size of the Apple computer design, we later on Dimensions make changes, you can now fit a variety of conventional computer, select the size below illustrate oh), to rid itself of the traditional thick and heavy computer bag, a new experience, but also the hearts of the majority of buyers really want style. Many buyers use the words: This is a fancy their style!
third , The price must be low. Otherwise not generate explosive sales. Otherwise, how we sold in one day would be more than a month or two months, the store sold it, very simple ah, the store sold more than one hundred, we sell a package of dozens of top since the profit of the package. this from the shelves a few months out countless times.
Wesnoth brand, price tag 219 yuan, for personal use or give as gifts to share!

Wesnoth 2016 new ultra-thin computer bag

General store more than one hundred twenty

Now Specials 35 yuan impulse sales, also the maximum size of 15.6 for only 45!!! Get the same color and a power supply bags, a universal keyboard membrane!!!

Buy before must-see! FAQ! (Unmissable unmissable oh)

(1) Q: Do you need extra home computer package then this liner bag?

Answer: Hello parents, our ultra-thin computer bag and other stores are not the same, do ordinary home ultra-thin layer on the package, with an extra sleeve to protect the computer against scratches scratch, our family The computer bag Actually, the Apple computer bag, our factory make adjustments in the original size to adapt the common laptop, Although the ultra-thin models, but the material is very thick: Our laptop bag is the three-tier design, the outermost layer of super durable and uses high-grade appearance of denim material, the use of an intermediate layer of foam can cushion the seismic shock effects, the most critical is our innermost layer of the package as well as the use of delicate soft flannel, can be well protected your computer is not set to be scratched scratches. do not need to complete additional interior package with Oh!!! then pack there are three pockets on both sides of the package, power cord and mouse can go into short:! shock, scratch, mouse, power supply, a bag all done Oh!

(2) Q:? I am a 10-inch computer mouse power it can choose how to put it?

Answer: Hello parents, 10-inch, 10.1-inch computer pro who choose 10-inch package on the line; bag has three side pockets, can put the power of the mouse.

(3) Q: I am a 11.6-inch 12.1-inch computer how do choose it, you can put the mouse power??

Answer: Hello parents, 11.6 and 12.1-inch computers simply select the 13-inch package on the line, mouse, power supply can put parents who do not worry about big, because the package is very thin Oh (if Apple computer, then contact customer service. Oh)

(4) Q: I am a 13.3-inch computer how to choose? Mouse Power can put it

Answer: Hello parents, 13.3-inch 14-inch computer select the package on the line, the mouse can put the power of parents who do not worry about big, because the package is very thin Oh (if it is, then contact Apple customer service, oh).

(5) Q: I am a 14-inch computer how to choose? Mouse Power can put it

Answer: Hello parents, if the thickness of your 14-inch computer in less than three centimeters, you select the 14-inch package on the line; if your 14-inch computer thickness of more than 3 cm, then you would select 15-inch, mouse power can be put on. (the thickness of the computer you just ruler or you tell us about the customer service on your computer model, our customer service can help you search)

(6) Q: I am a 15.6-inch computer how to choose? Mouse Power can put it

Answer: Hello parents, 15.6-inch 15-inch computer that you shot on the line of our 15-inch 15.6-inch refers to the label on the package to write computer is 15.6 inches, pro feel comfortable buying the bag has three side pockets. mouse power can be put. However, if your computer's thickness of 15.6 exceeded our computer package thickness of 3.5 cm, then you can not use this package we can only use traditional computer package. (computer You just use the ruler to measure the thickness or if you tell us what your customer's computer model, our customer service can help you search)

(7) Q: The gifts have you? What made you express it?

Answer: Hello parents, this is now the default send a universal keyboard membrane of the same color and a power pack oh, no need to take the default distribution we will give you hair through courier, if you need to send other courier. , contact our customer service to confirm Oh.

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