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ASUS Dell Lenovo Apple laptop bag laptop bag men and women 13.3 / 14 inch 15.6 inch

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Product parameters:

  • Color classification: light blue gray denim blue violet brown black
  • Style: hand-written style
  • Material: Others
  • Size: 10 inch 13 inch 14 inch 15.6 inch
  • Style: Simple
  • Brand: Werner
  • Model: WN-9406

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Tips: As an Apple-style ultra-thin paragraph of the computer bag, the most important thing is to do is ultra-thin style, but the effect on the earthquake and protection must be close to the traditional computer bag can really be called a computer bag! Cheap 10 dollars a single layer of diving materials used ultra-thin package, very thin, this type of cheap bags at most can only be regarded as a handle with a liner bag (And this handle because it is diving material, similar to the sponge material, a pull on the deformation is very serious) , If accidentally dropped, simply can not protect the computer! Parents used with caution! Last month, a four-diamond evaluation of the pro-buyers can generally refer to the following:

WENO 2017 ultra-thin computer bag

Entity stores generally more than 120

The overall high-end materials,

Lined with white, odorless and environmentally friendly high-cost cashmere material

Reject cheap black velvet

At present, even many days cat merchant began to use cheap black velvet

Black velvet many recycled materials are secondary processing !, Pro before the next one must ask the businessmen with velvet lining is pure white or partial black!

Buy before the must-see! FAQ! (Must look, be sure to see oh)

(1) Q: your home computer bag this package needs extra liner bag it?

A: The pro-Hello, our ultra-thin computer bag and other home is not the same, do not home on the ordinary layer of ultra-thin package, you need to use extra liner package to protect the computer to prevent scratches are not scratched, our home This computer bag In fact, originally Apple computer bag, our factory in the original size to adjust to adapt to the common laptop, Although the ultra-thin style, but the material is very thick: our computer bag is a three-tier design, the outermost layer of super durable and the appearance of high-grade washed denim material, the middle layer of seismic foam can play a buffer earthquake, The most critical is our bag and the innermost layer with exquisite soft velvet, can be a good set of protective cover your computer is not scratched scratch.No need to use additional liner bag Oh! Package on both sides there are three side bags, power cord and mouse can be put in! In short: shock, scratch, power mouse, a bag all get Oh!

(2) Q: I was 10-inch computer how to choose it? Mouse power to put it?

A: pro-Hello, 10-inch, 10.1-inch computer, parents choose 10-inch package on the line; bags have 3 side bags, mouse power can be put.

(3) Q: I was 11.6-inch computer how to choose it? 12.1-inch it, the mouse power to put it?

A: The pro-Hello, 11.6 and 12.1-inch computers are as long as the choice of 13-inch package on the line, the mouse power can be put. Pro who do not worry big, because the package is very thin Oh (if Apple is the contact customer service Oh)

(4) Q: I was 13.3-inch computer how to choose it? Mouse power can put it

A: The pro-Hello, 13.3-inch computer to choose 14-inch package on the line, the mouse power can be put.Parents do not have to worry about big, because the package is very thin Oh (if it is Apple contact customer service Oh)

(5) Q: I was 14-inch computer how to choose it? Mouse power can put it

A: The pro-Hello, if your 14-inch computer without CD-ROM, you choose 14-inch package on the line; if your 14-inch computer comes with a thick drive, then you have to choose 15.6-inch, so Power and mouse can easily put. (Pro do not have to worry about the bag is too large, this is the ultra-thin Apple-style computer bag, size selection method and the traditional old computer bag is not the same)

(6) Q: I was 15.6-inch computer how to choose it? Mouse power can put it

A: The pro-Hello, 15.6-inch computer you shoot 15.6-inch package on the line. Pro-peace of mind to buy. Bag has three side bags, mouse power can be put, but if your computer's thickness of 15.6 more than our The computer bag thickness of 3.5 cm, then you can not use this package, and can only use the traditional computer bag. (Computer thickness you just use the ruler or you tell us about your customer service model, our customer service can To help you query)

FAQ on Packages: Plus 3 yuan redemption package can explain in detail?

A: The pro-Hello, the price of this computer bag is 39, and then add 3 yuan can be purchased high-end blankets power package 1. Parents can be found on the day cat, immediately know that the price of this power package are generally 12 10 yuan, we now only need to add 3 yuan can buy, is definitely a value of the redemption package! Pro who shoot the link above the package on the line.

Some pro who ask you this computer bag is not able to put the mouse power cord, why do you need power pack it, in fact we this blanket power pack is Apple MACBOOK computer with the accessory package, it not only looks and materials are very We have in its original size on the basis of slightly increased and thickened (with 4mm thick thick felt material), so that it can not only easily put the Apple computer's power cord can be put And the mouse, you can put ordinary notebook computer's huge power cord and gaming mouse, and its material and appearance are very grades, out when it is also very suitable as a small packet of keys and mobile phones, you can also go out at the same time Charging treasure and mobile phone inside charge, and then some of the pro if the computer is relatively thick, the more practical, and you directly put the mouse power cord in the power supply bag, so that will not put the computer plug is very crowded.