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Wanda men 's men' s men 's sports shoes men' s casual shoes men 's tide trend of board shoes breathable running shoes

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Product parameters:

  • Year of release Season: Fall, 2016
  • Item No
  • Sales Channel Type: Lynx exclusive (only in the days of cat sales)
  • Brand: Wendy
  • Toe style: round head
  • Closed way: lace
  • Sole material: MD
  • Upper material: denim
  • Upper inside Material: Net yarn
  • Shoes production process: adhesive shoes
  • With the bottom style: flat with
  • Pattern: spell color
  • Popular elements: car suture
  • Style: youth trend
  • Subdivision style: Korean version
  • Occasions: sports and leisure
  • Season: Spring and Autumn
  • Color Classification: Camel (1133) Dark Gray (1133) Dark Blue (1133) Black Red (1133)
  • Size: 39 40 41 42 43 44
  • Style: sports shoes
  • Function: breathable
  • Suitable for: youth (18-40 years of age)
  • Low shoes Name: Sports outdoor shoes

Low to help, breathable, non-slip running shoes


Please select the appropriate size according to the size of the individual feet

Four colors of willful choice

Physical, multi-angle display

After reading the shoes, look at the details of it

Really good shoes ---- dare to analyze the details

4 big details cast a pair of perfect sports running shoes