aigo Patriot Genuine mobile power | mobile phone universal charging Po | 10000 毫安 OL10400 custom

aigo Patriot Genuine mobile power | mobile phone universal charging Po | 10000 毫安 OL10400 custom

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Product Name: Aigo / Patriot OL10400
  • Brand: Aigo / Patriot
  • Model: OL10400
  • Enclosure Type:
  • Size: 90x90x23mm
  • Battery capacity: 10000mAh
  • Batteries Type: cylindrical aluminum
  • Additional features: Multi-port output U
  • Color Classification: Black Blue Pink White
  • Battery capacity: 10001mAh (including) -15000mAh (inclusive)
  • Battery type: Lithium-ion battery

Note: This product ispatriot official Founder Products,

Dual USB Output power, you can At the same time to two Charging equipment, 10,000 mA High capacity,

use A + grade imported original batteries , fast Charge, maximum support 5V2.1A

Security, stability, security!

enjoy National Union Insurance , 1-year limited warranty new , And a Security check,

compatible Full range of Apple Phone, tablet and other Samsung, HTC,

Millet, Meizu phones and PSP, digital cameras and other equipment.

[Product Tips] - know all to see

A. mobile power charging how long it can be full?
>> This mobile power charging about 10 hours or so can be filled with, oh, the first need full 15 hours.
B. Will mobile power how to charge my phone?

Pro, with charging cable connected to a mobile power supply note pad or mouth can be oh. (Is not very simple, yes, and you usually charge their cell phones are exactly alike.)
C. My XX mobile phone models can use this mobile power supply?
>> As long as smartphones are pro cow is so ha!!! OL10400 mobile power can give the phone several times electric charge?
>> After treasurer personally measurement, can give Apple IPHONE5 charge about 5-6 times, IPAD can charge 80%. (Depending on personal usage and Kazakhstan).
E. What is the charger, how to charge the mobile power itself?
>> Pro charger is for charging mobile power, this baby itself is no distribution charger oh pro can be used to connect up your phone charger direct charge or at a later here

Oh, the other can be plugged into the computer's USB port can also be directly charged Oh.
F: This baby has a distribution apple IPHONE5 / IPAD4 interfaces do not want to how the distribution charge??
>> The pro does not yet have distribution IPHONE5 / IPAD4 interface Oh, parents can use their own data line is the same, ha.

Or buy our freedom with the package Kazakhstan.
J: ask what time delivery?
>> Pro before 17:30 normal payment orders shipped the same day Kazakhstan, if there are special circumstances we are all for you, oh Want to comment.
H: How long is the warranty warranty??

>> Pro, aigo products are Genius year, if you have any questions, feel free to contact aigo local sale agency or contact us directly Ha, we will be the first time to help you deal with Kazakhstan, pro Rest assured Kazakhstan.