Cheap UNIS purple LA2000 flatbed scanner to scan A4 document HD home office pictures quickly

Cheap UNIS purple LA2000 flatbed scanner to scan A4 document HD home office pictures quickly

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: Uniscon
  • Model: LA2000
  • Scanning element: CIS
  • Scanner Type: Flatbed scanner document scanner
  • Service: Genius
  • Most large format: A4
  • Interface Type: USB2.0
  • Optical Resolution (dpi): 2400x1200dpi

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1.CIS high-sensitivity sensor: CIS uses a high sensitivity sensor, 'no warm-up' scanning directly
2.USB direct power supply: Various types of wire removed from the desktop variety of troubles, a USB cable, all buttoned
3.Slim: CIS sensors using thin, lightweight body, stylish
4.Equipped with multi-button: Fuselage were equipped with five customizable buttons, covering the needs of the user's regular use, a push broom
5.Powerful software: Can automatically generate 'double formula Searchable PDF', this high-end scanner only have the function, the first time in the low-end flatbed scanner products;
6.Purple TH-OCR Recognition and other functions, ranging
7.Quick Scan: Resolution 200DPI, under gray mode, scanning full-size less than 10S; color mode, it is only time in less than 15S
8. In the low-end flatbed scanner products, the scanning speed is relatively fast

(Reminder: This section is the low-end high-definition flat A4 color scanner may appear color cast, high demand for color reproduction is not recommended for graphic design, scanning non-paper type is not recommended for use, particularly to consult shop. customer Service)

NOTE: (This system does not support the MAC, MAC compatible systems for recommended)

(Color reproduction demanding recommend using Epson scanner CCD elements)

Scan Effect:

The following is the color scanning, default resolution 300dpi, the scan time of about 10 seconds, and save the file about 2M to 3M. (For reference only, the higher the resolution, the longer the scan time)

Evaluation shows:

About Warranty:

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Violet scanners enjoy Genius year , By the following method to query the repair station:

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2. Call violet scanner service hotline: 400-700-8188 Inquire;

Three Guarantees certificate card 3. query on the product packaging.

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