Haoshun V8U fingerprint attendance fingerprint card punching machine |

Haoshun V8U fingerprint attendance fingerprint card punching machine |

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Time Machine Brand: ho-shun
  • Model: v8u
  • Attendance type: fingerprint type
  • Color classification: standard V8U fingerprint machine standard V8U fingerprint machine + 8G U disk V8U new version (color screen C8U fingerprint machine) color C8U fingerprint machine) + 8G U disk
  • Access authentication: fingerprint
  • After-sales service: Genius

Good News Good News

V8U blue screen version has now been upgraded to color screen display, the price is the same, the same function, the software parameters of employee information compatible interoperability use.V8U is now revised to C8U, and upgrade to color, and the screen becomes a color, the other constant.

Genuine guarantee regular invoice Genius
  • New quick punch card recommended models ¥205.00
  • Two-color printing stable section ¥230.00
  • Classic models best-selling models ¥210.00
  • LCD stability section ¥245.00
  • Fashionable office recommended ¥150.00
  • Classic cool small business recommendation ¥265.00
  • WAN attendance WeChat view ¥399.00
  • Single-type office recommended ¥245.00
  • Free software U disk to download ¥225.00
  • USB communication business recommended ¥239.00
  • High-capacity attendance factory recommended ¥400.00
  • Classic fashion-selling models ¥360.00
  • Free software management to quickly identify ¥598.00
  • U disk network face attendance ¥545.00
  • Haoshun facial face recognition machine ¥820.00
  • Ho Shun F365 face machine ¥730.00