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Brothers GX-8250 LCD electronic English typewriter | Logistics typewriter

Brothers GX-8250 LCD electronic English typewriter | Logistics typewriter
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Product parameters:

  • Typewriter brand: brother / brother
  • Model: GX-8250

Right border alignment
· Automatic centering
· Bold print
· Up / down text
· Decimal watch station
· Back out of the grid and fast backspace
· Headline indentation
The whole line to modify the memory
· Words, single characters, and outside the system
· Automatic reset after modification
Professional touch keyboard
· Modified after the automatic reset mode of observation to provide the entire line of the line of observation
· Automatic machine carriage return
· After the automatic reset button to change, pull the paper
· Automatic feed
· Automatic repeat
· A variety of fonts can be replaced box chrysanthemum dial
· Replaceable cassette ribbons
· Keyboard cover and cardboard card combo
· Portable handle



Paper width


Typing width
Box color 228.6mm
typing speed
Up to 12 characters per second
Line spacing
Character key
Number of copies printed
1 original with 4 copies

417 mm x 135 mm x 383.4 mm

Carton size
501mm x 470mm x 200mm
net weight

Gross weight

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