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Yun Guang certificate binding machine | micro-all-steel manual financial drilling machine | micro-financial binding machine

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Product parameters:

  • Binding machine brand: cloud wide
  • Model: YG-WQG

China. Yun-binding machine

Yun-Guang Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is the largest in East China's largest stationery office supplies one of professional manufacturers, production base in Zhejiang to binding machine-oriented products, production base in Shanghai to Cutter, thick paper cutter, writing board-oriented products , The company passed the ISO9001 international quality system certification and won the Chinese brand-name trademarks, AAA-level integrity of more than 20 kinds of corporate patent licensing and other awards.

Manager introduced

: To send a drawer in two needles,

product description:

Use that

Material: steel
Color: Silver
Maximum binding thickness: 3 cm
Size specifications: 225 * 147 * 242MM

First, the binding method
Then press the handle to carry out the first needle punching, this time with the needle down (the needle can be a small bargain with the line), through the line after the certificate Leave the bottom, shake the handle so that the needle back up. The same method of operation of the second needle. Finally release the presser foot, cut off the wire knot, you can complete the binding task. Binding a certificate, spend less than a minute Oh!
Second, for the needle method
Loosen the fixing screw on the pin device, remove the pin device, put the hook at the end of the needle into the needle fixed hole, keep the vertical, the needle set into the set lever in situ, the pin device Of the set screw tight.
Third, casually annex complete

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