668 million of lithium rechargeable | Detector | intelligent voice portable mini | cash registers | with voice

668 million of lithium rechargeable | Detector | intelligent voice portable mini | cash registers | with voice

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Product Name: Wanlian JBYJ 668 (C)
  • Level: C Class
  • Color Classification: Black White Black Gold
  • Brand: Wanlian
  • Model: JBYJ 668 (C)

668 and 168 models were shipped, it is recommended, please do not shoot, thank you, the difference between the two are: the appearance of a little different, function and quality of the machine is exactly the same, the pro can buy.
(Demo video using ordinary batteries)
Because of the high cost of the battery, 2015 models modified to use the built-in lithium battery can be repeatedly charged, more convenient to carry. Batteries need to purchase a piece of 35 yuan.
We are committed to identify all counterfeit hundred percent, can not identify 100Reparation 200! Please believe us, we are factory official Lynx stores.
2014 was an unusual year, this year is the 18th anniversary of the establishment of Zhejiang million Electric Co., Ltd., focused on cash registers industry for 18 years.
This year, general manager of the company in a chance, driving a Porsche to a store to buy a pack of Chinese, the store owner said, cash registers Panzong of you do for so many years, why do not we help small businesses ? the development of a small bill validator it Panzong suddenly had the idea, the first thing to go to work is to give party chief architect issued a command: Wanlian have developed a compact and convenient for the majority of small business people dedicated Detector, 2014 million of the 1.95 million investment to develop new products, this 100 yuan level -----Paper money king: Wanlian JBYJ 668 small voice Detector . This is currently on the market Most advanced , The most reliable of Any direction into the banknote Detector small voice, The market is the first to use two heads +4 infrared fluorescence + + + any direction into the banknote can be connected to a 5V power supply voltage used to connect charging treasure use, install the battery, you can use the USB-powered voice Detector . Wanlian ---- counterfeit Terminator. Select Wanlian select brands!! pro not start it?