Tape Player usb tape player mini tape player

Tape Player usb tape player mini tape player

Product description:

Quick Details

  • Brand Name: No Logo
  • Model Number: 110002
  • Type: Passive
  • Use: Portable Audio Player, Outdoor
  • Special Feature: Portable, Mini
  • Place of Origin: China (Mainland)

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details: Case of 30 Units: 6.70kg 52x28x30cm
Delivery Detail: within 3 days after receive your payment


1. To use as an MP3 player, Card Reader, Tape Player
2. With remote control

Tape Player usb tape player mini tape player

1. To use as an MP3 player

Insert an SD, MMC or TF card.

Turn the power switch ON. The player will automatically play the music stored on the SD/ MMC/ TF card and light 1 will flash slowly as it plays.

The six controls on the player, the equalizer (sound effects) , volume + and – buttons, the back, next and play/ pause buttons are all available while the player is running.

A long press on the play/ pause button will put the player into standby. A second long press will start the player running again.

When the music has been off for 30 minutes, the player will automatically set itself to standby. A long press on the play/ pause button will start it playing the music again.

When you have finished using the player, please set the power switch to OFF.

2. To use in a Tape Player

Insert an SD, MMC or TF memory card.

Turn the power switch to ON and insert the player into the tape device (such as a car audio system, tape recorder, Walkman, or other tape player) . The player will function as a normal tape player while playing the music stored on the inserted SD, MMC or TF card.

When you have finished, please take the device out of the player and turn the power switch OFF.

3. To use as a Card Reader

Insert an SD, MMC or TF card.

Turn the power switch ON and connect the player to the computer using a USB cable. Light 1 will flash slowly showing an active transmission connection to the computer.

4. How to Use the Remote Control

The number keys (from 0 to 9) are for the selection of songs. To select a song with a number higher than 9, please use two or more keys. After selecting the songs press the key for two seconds to start playing them.

The ↑ button will cause the current song to be looped. Selecting other songs will cancel the repeat.

The functions of the other keys are similar to those of the player.

When using the remote control point it towards the tape handler USB socket from a distance of 5 meters.

5. Charging the player battery

The player battery can be charged when the player is ON or OFF. When it is being charged the green light 2 will be on. When the green light goes off charging has been completed and the charger should be disconnected.

6. Precautions

The player may fail for one of the following reasons:

a. Battery is not fully charged or faulty;

b. The Tape Player itself has a malfunction;

c. The SD, MMC or TF card used is faulty.

Please do not insert or remove the SD/ MMC/ TF memory card while the power switch is ON.

The charging time should be at least 2-3 hours.

If light 1 remains on for a long time this is a sign of a card read failure. Please re-start the handler

Type of Packing: Blister Packing

Package Includes: Tape handler (built-in lithium battery) , USB cable, Car charger, Household charger , Earphone, Remote control, Micro SD to SD adapter, User manual