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Buy 2 Get 1 Invisible Lace eyelid stickers | Get eyelid glue Seamless mesh stickers 120

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Product parameters:

  • Eyelid Category: Other / other
  • Brand: Romantic Story / romance
  • Eyelid glue a single product: Lace eyelid stickers
  • Specifications Type: normal specifications
  • Efficacy: Waterproof
  • Shelf life: 3 years
  • made in China
  • Suitable for skin: Any skin

Price is a price, Buy 2 Get 1, a direct shot 2 parts, 3 parts shipped!

Buy 4 Get 2! Direct shot 4 parts, 6 parts shipped!

Buy 6 Get 3! Direct shot 6 parts, shipping 9 parts!

Tips: Get a non-hypoallergenic adhesive glue, we recommend that you pro Before using the first allergy test to do something in the ear, after all, everyone's skin is not the same as, or a discreet little more Ay!

How to use: on the one hand, the glue evenly on the eyelid lace, lace with tweezers eyelid stickers affixed to the eyelids, eyelid to wait after the paste after the paste dry in the open eyes Oh

Magic Beauty Reviews Practice makes perfect not words: pro sure to use the glue to dry and then open eyes Oh! Did not do mesh support force very weak! We found that many feel good supporting force pro is the right way to use it! Have to wait for the glue to dry, then opened them, or mesh or soft Or if it is a single fold eyelid MM thick paste can be repeated two, this is a method

Here is a simple illustration, parents can refer to the following
Step one: first with tweezers under an eyelid paste
(Because the design is posted broad-based, MM are the best then according to their type under eye pruning is not suitable for all type of wide eye type)
Step Two: You can brush glue on the back of the hand, and then paste eyelid glue dipped into a few , The point may simply want to use glue brush brush directly on your eyelid paste Ha!
Step three: and so, when the glue dry, almost the glue dipped for about 15 seconds You can stick to the eyelid, and pinpoint the location of stick can be friends, of course, you have to wait eyelid stickers The glue dries before you can open your eyes, oh! So that it can type.