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Micro sim card adapter for ipad

Micro sim card adapter for ipad
  • Micro sim card adapter for ipad
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Quick Details

  • Place of Origin: Guangdong, China (Mainland)
  • Model Number: 305012

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details: Case of 100 Units: 0.30kg, 12x14x9cm
Delivery Detail: in 3 days


High quality, Unique and nice design micro sim card adapter

Adavantages of the micro sim card adapter:

  1. High quality, Unique and nice design micro sim card adapter
  2. Use one SIM CARD on all devices
  3. Save cost , no need to pay for double data fees. (Using this adapter saves time, money for your ipad)
  4. Easy operating for your exsiting mobiles. One step is ok.
  5. Dual sim card adapter
  6. The usage of the micro sim adapter:
  7. Change the newest micro sim/ 3ff/ mini-sim card (size: 12mm*15mm) or reduce size (cut) sim card (size: 12*15mm) to a standard sim card (size: 15*25mm) , then you can use it both in ipad and your any cellphone model.

    Use our micro sim adapter change your micro sim card to standard sim card, then you can use that in all devices with on sim card.

    We know the card slot of the Ipad the mini size of 12*15mm, only the mirco sim card can insert into the slot, but all the current sim cards are the standard of 15*25mm, when people want to use ipad with the current sim card, the only way is to cut the sim card to mini size.

    Avoid to spend money to buy a new sim card, we can offer you a great solution, it is the Micro sim adapter.

    ---------With This adapter, the sim card can be re-shape to standard size freely. It is easy to paste or take off the micro sim card to or from the adapter. when you paste the micro sim card and adapter together, they will be united as a whole, it is no different from other standard sim cards, there are the same materials and quality.

  8. Where is can be used?

    ----This adapter can be used in any device that accept 3G sim card, not just the Iphone, such as wireless Router, 3G USB modern, Any 3G Cell phone, Laptop with sim card slot.

    If you have a data plan/ service with any mobile-carrier, irrespective if it is on your handphone or with a USB-modem, you are likely to have a 2G-slot and will be unable to use the SIM CARD on your Ipad, Or if you have an Ipad with the new Micro-sim, you will be unable to use the Micro-sim in your Iphone. There will be devices such as mobile phones, datasticks, USB-modems, notebooks and similar with old or new slots in the market and you will not be able to interchange SIM-CARDS between those devices unless you use a Micro-Sim with a adapter.