Dual SIM Card Adapter For iPhone 3G\3GS

Dual SIM Card Adapter For iPhone 3G\3GS

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  • Place of Origin: Guangdong, China (Mainland)
  • Model Number: 301027

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Packaging Details: Case of 1000 Units: 5.80kg, 30x22x18cm
Delivery Detail: Within 5 days after receipt of payment


1. Dual SIM Card Adapter For iPhone 3G/ 3GS
2. 2 SIM Cards in one mobile.
3. Easy to use, plug and play

Dual SIM Card Adapter For iPhone 3G/ 3GS

1. The world first dual sim card adaptor for iphone 3G, 3GS, twins card adaptor
2. No more carrying 2 phones around and no more misplacing of your sim cards, stay organized
3. A very simple put powerful STK menu to select default number for making calls, use any of the 2 numbers to make calls at any time and divert the primary number to receive calls on both numbers
4. Very simple operation, easy plug&play
5. STK menu
6. No need to cut your sim card
7. Work perfect wih 2mm silicone case
1. Enter your phone menu and select Q dual sim card, it shows: refer to picture NO._
Auto/ SW
2. If you want your SIM Cards work separately, select SIM1 or SIM2 directly. (*) stands for choosing successfully
3. Select Auto/ SW (*shows before it) , then SIM1 and SIM2 will auto-switch online.
4. More functions under setup menu, the submenu will appear
SIM1 Time: 03
SIM2 Time: 03
5. Select and enter SIM1 No. or SIM2 No. , you can edit card number within 11 words, then the edited numbers will be displayed on the screen istead of SIM1 or SIM2
6. Select and Enter SW time: 03 for setting the auto-switching time between 0 and 99 minutes. The system default setting time is 3 minutes, and Max 99 minutes avaiable for setting the auto-switching time.
7. Language can be customized according to the requirements