Peel 520 an adaptor case

Peel 520 an adaptor case

Product description:

Quick Details

  • Place of Origin: Guangdong, China (Mainland)
  • Brand Name: No logo
  • Model Number: 303008
  • color: black


Peel 520

The peel is an adaptor case that turns an iPod touch into an iPhone, and it had been called Peel 520″

peel 520 call function testing

Get in the dial-up panel after clicking the icon of Yosion, set the lower left corner to view if it's communication module is open. If the display is green, then the middle top of the screen will show the signal bar and power bar.Yosion and YsSMS icon, dial-up panel will appear after installing the software

Outgoing calls shots, the screen automatically locks

Answering phones, apple peel fixes some of the previous BUG, but it still does not automatically light up the screen when there are some calls, and will not automatically turn off the screen when are listening.

Received a phone call, caller ID can not be displayed

Interface to import phone book and new contacts

The problems:

1. the incoming phone will pop up a message box, but does not show caller ID or caller name (forthcoming new version of software has to solve the problem)

2. text messages and calls ring can not be set, the default is the vibration + ring, you can also choose to set the tone only.

3. the menu has handset volume control, but it did not chang adjusted to the largest significant.

4. the apple peel does not automatically lights up the screen when there are some calls.

peel 520 SMS function testing

The official version of apple peel 520 has been improved messaging features, and some BUG has been fixed. Click the icon in the upper right corner to start editing a new message, click the plus sign on the right recipient you can choose to add contacts.

Testing messaging for apple peel 520 of the retail version

.New SMS reminder window and unread SMS tips

Text editing interface

More SMS operations

The speed of peel 520 is normal on text messaging, but the new text messages still can not display the letter name, and cancell the fuction of horizontal screen display, the users who like typing with a horizontal screen may not feel very friendly.

The problems:

1. The SMS text will be left after the text has been sent (but later we confirmed that this is the developers deliberately designed for the convenience of sending the message several times) .Don't you know, Chinese love sending messang.

2. the new text messages have no letters displayed (the upcoming new version of software can solve this problem) .

3. can not view messages with a horizontal screen.