Universal Activation Card for iphone

Universal Activation Card for iphone

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  • Place of Origin: Guangdong, China (Mainland)
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  • Model Number: 305019

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Universal Activation Card for iphone

Universal Activation Card for iphone

Jailbreak (Jailbreak) is the first step to unlock iPhone, after Jailbreak, It allows third-party
management tools full y access to it's all directories, and only jailbreak, then can unlock
operation, and can install the cracked iPhone software.

Note: This card only can be activated it , to achieve escape; and not network lock repair
and restoration solution no signal the phone ! Can remain in the Connect to activate the screen iTunes or Emergency Call interface device, which is what we call the brick; but want to unlock, activate is the first Step.
This card is world's universal, after or not after 41 weeks, regardless of the phone, or sub-phone version, regardless of firmware, regardless of country. The card attached Activate the software with carriers, such as the discovery can not be activated, just click the software to write the code operator's network card can be.

Activation Card steps:
1. To activate the card into the the cell phone;
2. Switch on the it , the data cable connected to the computer;
3. Computer Open iTunes (the computermust be connected to the network) ;
4. And then waiting (about 5-10 seconds, according to the speed of the computer time is
different) It will automatically connect to the iTunes service and then
automatically activated;
5. If other, please check the computer network, close iTunes, open iTunes again reactivated.

Attention: this card can not unlock phone