NOOSY Micro Sim Adapter

NOOSY Micro Sim Adapter

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Quick Details

  • Model Number: 305017
  • Place of Origin: Guangdong, China (Mainland)
  • Color: Blue, yellow , green, red, purple

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Packaging Details: Case of 100 Units: 1.50kg, 15x15x17cm
Delivery Detail: In 1-5 days


NOOSY Micro Sim Adapter
1. No need to pay for double data fees
2. Use one sim card on all devices
3. Convenient. One step is ok

NOOSY Micro Sim Adapter

Change the newest micro sim/ 3ff/ mini-sim card (size: 12mm*15mm) or reduced size (cut) sim card (size: 12*15mm) to a standard sim card (size: 15*25mm) ,then you can use it both in ipad and your any cellphone model

Use our Micro Sim Adapter change your micro sim card to standard sim card, then you can use that in all advices with one sim card.

We know the card slot of the ipad is the mini size of 12*15mm, only the mirco sim card can insert into the slot, but all the current sim cards are the standard of 15*25mm, when people want to use ipad with the current sim card, the only way is to cut the sim card to mini size.

But what shall we do if we want to use the cutted sim card to mobile with standard card slot?

Can we use one sim card switch freely between the mini and standard size?

Avoid to spend money to buy a new sim card, NOOSY offer a great solution:

With NOOSY adapter, the sim card can be re-shape to standard size freely. It's easy to paste or take off the micro sim card to or from the adapter. When you paste the micro sim card and adapter together, they will be united as a whole, it's no different from other standard sim cards, there are the same materials and quality.

1. NOOSY micro sim adapter made of special PP plastic , which has good flexibility.
2. We designed a slim tray to cover the sim card so that it won't drop off from the adapter , you can use it many times.
3. blue/ yellow/ red/ green/ purple are available.
4. OEM service.