Mp3-Recorder Camera Web Cam, mini recorder, digital voice recorder

Mp3-Recorder Camera Web Cam, mini recorder, digital voice recorder

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  • Brand Name: 4U
  • Record Audio Format: MP3
  • Place of Origin: China (Mainland)
  • Multiple Audio Format: MP3

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Delivery Detail: in 3-5 days


Mp3-Recorder Camera Web Cam, mini recorder, digital voice recorder

Mp3-Recorder Camera Web Cam, mini recorder, digital voice recorder

Warm Attention:
1. Thank you for purchasing this series mini dvr from our factory
2. For this product software in TF card, please use the TF card provide by us
3. The software is in the folder named program in TF card, so user would better not do any operation to TF card, if you want to format the TF card, please back-up the program folder first, after format the TF card, copy the program folder to TF card. and set up a mp3 folder, put the songs on this folder.
4. Change new TF card, please put the power switch to ON, hold on the play button, connect the device to computer, follow the guide to install the usb driver, when find the removable hard disk, copy the program folder to TF card, set up a mp3 folder, and put the songs on the mp3 folder .
2. Function brief intorduction
1. Video recording VGA video recording, AVI format640X480 resolution, video recording and voice recording at the same timerecommend playerwind and thunder playerstrom player kmplayerMplayer and other muti-format support media player.
3. Take photo function130 pixel 1280x1024, JPEG format.
4. MP3 function support MP3WMAWAV format
5. Usb functionsupport TF card from 1GB to 8GB, stadard mini 4 pin USB 2.0 interface, no need dirver except for windows 98
6. PC-Camera functionsupport PC-Camera function, can use as video meeting.
7. Economic and parctical: high capacity lithium battery inside, standard DV-5V charing or computer USB charing (directly)

3. Operation
1. Turn onIn power off mode (all indicate light off) ,put the power switch to ON, long press play button, yellow light on, device in standby mode.
2. MP3 playing (cautionplease make sure the mp3 songs save in the mp3 folder) .In standby mode, , short press play button to play songs, short pressto enter next songs, long pressto turn up volumeshort pressto enter preview songs, long pressto turn down volumein MP3 playing mode, short press play button to suspend, press play button again to continue music playing, then device in music circulation playing mode, long press play button to turn off device; in music playing mode, play video recording button to exit, after that device in standby mode (yellow light on) ,(cautiondevice cant exit music playing if device in suspend mode) .
3. Video recordingDevice in standby mode, short press video recording button to enter video recording mode, then yellow light off, blue light on; press video recording button again, device saved this video files and turn back to standby mode; when long time press video recording button device will save the video files automaticlly every 30 mins and continiue video recording.
Take photo operationin standby mode, short press take photo button, yellow light and blue light twinkling in turn one time , means one photo has taken and saved.

4. Adjust timeFor this product video recording & voice recording & show time at the same time, you can change the time as below
In usb root directory , set a txt file name as time. txt, the form must be 2008-08-08 20: 08: 08, save this file and safety quit, when you record video files again, play the video files in computer, it will show the correct time.

5. PC-camera funtionput the power switch to NO, connect the usb to computer, long press the play button untill 10 seconds can use pc-camera functioncautionwhen the first time use pc-camera function, please use attached CD driver

6. Power offIn standby mode, long press play button, all the indicate light off, then put the power switch to OFF to save the power. In video recording mode, long press play button to turn off the device, system will save the video files automaticllay.
a. For save power, in standby mode, no any operation in 3 minute, device will turn off by itself.
b. When in video recording mode, if lower battery, device will first save the recording files first, then turn off, at this time please charge the device.
c. If device in video recording mode 30 mins , it will automatically save the data one time , then continue in video recording mode.
d. Device in video recording mode, every time from start video recording to the stop video recording , device will make a new video file.
e. Its need time to save the file to the memory, please do not do any operation during the led indicator changing from blue to red (for example: press the ON/ OFF button, connect to the pc) , because that will make the video files just recorded can not be saved, or the file will be incomplete, lost or blocked, or can not find usb .
f. When memory is full, indicate light will turn back to standby mode, press video button, blue light on 3 seconds and turn back to standby mode and cannt video recording, press take photo button, yellow light and blue light twinkling in turn.
g. Please use the camera in enough light source, and keep it steady and erected, and above 50cm away from what you are recording, this will make the video perfect.

7. Connect computer: Device in turn off mode (indicate light off) or standby mode ( yellow light on) ,device can safty connect with computer, in the right down conner of desktop will pop up removable hard disk mark, video files saved at * / VIDEOphoto saved at */ IMAGE;
CautionAccording computer configuration or system different, recognize removable disk please wait patience, at this time please don't operate the device, or computer can't recognize the device. please try connect again, if still can't recognize the device, please confirm your operate system, driver, USB jack, cable is working or not; take off the device should according the security ways, to avoid the device hurt by computer

8. Charging In turn off or standby mode, connect usb cable to charger or computer, if lower battery, yellow light twinkling regularly, means device in charging mode . When device full of charging, yellow light on.

CautionDevice build in high capacity polymer lithium battery , no memory effect, you can charge by any time, but at the beginning five times, please charge the device till it is completely full, for activate the battery's largest capacity , so device have standard work time. Recommend user charge in power off mode .
4. Caution
Occasionsplease follow the state legislation, and refrain from illegal use.

Updatewe will keep your product updated for better daily use, please resort to the retailor for the information of the new version.
Working temperature : working under the ordinary temperature that is comfortable for people