YES-2000B double digital display pressure testing machine

YES-2000B double digital display pressure testing machine

Product description:

YES-2000B double digital display pressure testing machine

First, the main features:

This machine is mainly used for compressive strength test of concrete, cement products, hollow bricks, refractories, engineering materials, stone, rubber bearings and other building materials. Roads, railways, bridges, construction, building materials, tertiary institutions and other industries laboratory the necessary equipment.

Second, the main features:

1, the machine uses precision sensors and digital display instrument, store, access and print test results.
2, the machine uses rotary screw to adjust the compression space, greatly accelerated test schedule.
3, the machine without debugging, smooth landing, refueling, electrical connection to work.
4, machine calibration is simple, the user can (instructions) calibration.
5, it has a dual-range, long-range solution to test the tonnage and bending test accuracy is not enough time to do the problems.
6, it has a dual display meter, independently of each other so that the two operating interface for easier operation.
7, dual-range exchange simple.
8, the aircraft strict requirements for ground level, basic level can be.
9, the platen surface under a oil line (Circle Line) and the diagonal, making it easier for the test block.

Third, the technical specifications:

1, the maximum test force: 300KN / 2000KN
2, the test force Cheng: 0 ~ 300KN 0 ~ 2000kN
3. Security: More than 300KN / 2000kN 3% automatic shutdown
4, test accuracy: better Ι level
5, factory calibration value: 300KN / 2000kN
6, pressure plate spacing: ≤350mm
7, column spacing: 340mm
8, pressure plate size: 320 x 320mm
9, the piston stroke: ≤50mm
10, rated voltage: 380V
11, motor power: 0.75kW
12, Dimensions: 800x400x1200mm
13, Weight: 750Kg